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Missing Persons Cases & Unsolved Murder Mysteries

By Jessenia Nozzolillo

I’ve had a couple of people ask me some really great questions about missing persons cases that I thought would make a valuable blog. So here they are!

Q: Why can’t we just find every missing person if we are connecting to the soul?

A: Because the condition the soul is in matters. Hauntings are just like humans. They have the same mindset and behaviors, but if you add the trauma of death to the mix that can be a very complicated and confusing time for them. If I asked you to give me verbal directions from here to the most traumatizing moment in your childhood, while you were partially conscious or on medication you would likely struggle with exact enough directions for me to travel there. Technology is amazing for that. But the haunting no longer has those tools.

A haunting is a spirit that has detached from the physical (usually because the body has died) and has not returned home to the astrals/ Heaven/ the Akashic realm where they are reconnected with their higher-self at which point they are now considered a soul or Spirit.

Read more about the haunting and their mindset:

Q: Do you know what happened to (insert every missing person in the country)?

A: I’ve trained myself to not see/hear/feel everything. It was debilitating. It ruined most of my life. Spirit once expressed that, “Your greatest gift is first your greatest burden, until it’s mastered.” And that’s incredibly true for me. Shutting off the gifts is the difference between reality and insanity. I still have to be a mother and function on this physical plane. But here are other reasons why I don’t leap into every missing persons case… anymore. I explain more below.

Q: Can you scan for this random person in this random area?

A: I have to have a strong local connection or group of volunteers, which I can better explain in the answer to the next question.

Q: What gifts do you use to find missing people?

A: I use many different gifts to locate lost people. My first go-to is spiritual guidance from my higher self (or our intuition). They evaluate the situation and give me a general rundown. Is there mental illness, fear, or panic? Is the person searching for them doing it to help or trap them? Are they in danger or choosing to run? Are they under the influence or being held captive? Are they in immediate danger? Are they local or traveling? Are they alive? All of this matters and determines what other gifts I will tap into in order to move forward with the case.

Unfortunately, many times the people searching for the missing person are incredibly unaware of how they hurt that person. For example, I was called to work on a case of a missing teenager only to see that the teenager was gay and their parents refused to accept that, so they ran away to be with their boyfriend. I was also told that they were ok, safe and in a hotel. It wasn’t the “best case scenario” but exploiting that teen meant more danger than letting them work through the emotion and frustration of not being accepted by their parents. In this situation the guidance was, “Back off, this isn’t the place to involve yourself. Everyone is safe.” So I did.

If they are alive but mentally unstable and in danger, I have to rely on remote viewing. It’s the ability to see through the eyes of the client or person and recognize local landmarks, therefore tracing their moves. This is difficult because we will always be 5 steps behind the person and for this very reason we need people on the ground, who know the area well, and can move fast.

In the very unfortunate case that they are deceased, I have to delicately evaluate the situation to see what the client is ready to hear because I do not like to share this particular realization with clients. I simply say I cannot support the recovery of the living person and wait for the knowledge to surface that they are deceased. I just don’t think it’s my job to make that kind of statement in respect and compassion. Sometimes they are ready for the truth and we need to find the body to get closure for the haunting or keep others safe, so I am encouraged by Spirit to share and move forward with the work.

When that awareness is clear, we go into recovery of evidence, closure, healing and this particular gift is called “Shadow Eye” — the ability to speak with and support hauntings in order to help them find peace. With this I have been able to find out how the person died, allow them to speak and share their story and say goodbye to loved ones while making sure they transition safely and get the closure they were robbed of.

Occasionally, I’ve had hauntings that refused to tell me what happened to them because they felt responsible for their death/murder and didn’t want to implicate a loved one. Sometimes they simply didn’t know — dying on drugs, in a state of delusion, mental illness, fear, weakness, dying in their sleep, are all very confusing deaths. In a normal situation, the soul will naturally try to flee the body before death avoiding unnecessary trauma. In a situation like this, I actually use extrasensory gifts to pull up the energetic imprint, thus seeing the memory of the murder or incident in question. This looks like a repeated tape of the trauma running over and over again. The issue with this gift is it works best when I am physically present or have a video or photo of the place the incident occurred that I can anchor to energetically. If we don’t know the location in which the incident occurred, then I can’t scan it for imprints. Every other gift can be done remotely, as long as I have people on the ground working with the messages and following through. With this gift I have had wounds, marks and visions confirmed by autopsies. It’s a very accurate gift.

I think it’s important for people to understand that my opinions mean nothing if it can’t be confirmed, worked through, or integrated. So no, I don’t have time to review every public missing persons case that I come across on the internet knowing not everyone is open or willing to receive the kind of support I offer. And I also now understand that forcing my opinion and work on the public is just another form of judgment. Not everyone needs to believe in me and what I do. I fully respect that. I used to be a skeptic myself because no one could read me with the kind of accuracy I was seeking, so I get it even if at this point I’ve seen too much to not believe!

Additionally, it’s nearly impossible to work with police. I fully understand why, but it doesn’t make it easy for people like me. Once, I was out for a drive and saw a residual imprint of a murder (the energetic memory recorded onto the land), so I contacted police and unfortunately had to be very careful about what I said in order to get taken seriously. It worked. But it’s not easy. Those conversations might look something like this: Woman dies while running; turns out she was murdered. No evidence or leads surfaced. I drive by the location of the incident and see/hear/feel everything. So, I report to police that I drove by and saw a man who looked like (insert vision) but that I can’t remember the exact time, date, or place (making sure I don’t say anything that could be misleading to preserve evidence). I didn’t drive by at the time and place of the actual incident, but I did after I had the vision, so none of it is untrue — I just didn’t tell them it was a psychic vision or my spiritual gifts that the information was obtained. The man is then caught and the streets are safer. I didn’t necessarily say, “I drove by after having a psychic vision of the abuser so that I could be certain I was seeing the right place and space. This is him.” I just said I drove by and saw a man that might be him and then explain the vision.

Another example was a missing persons case I was called on by friends of the missing person. I saw where she was with my gift structure of remote viewing. I heard from my intuition that she was under the influence and unable to free herself but was in danger. I then drove to the location following spiritual directions to ensure what I saw with my gifts was real, looking for the building and landmarks I saw through my remote viewing. This was convenient because it occurred locally. I realized I couldn’t get into the place but that it was clearly in alignment with my vision and that she was in danger. I called the police and said, “I think I hear someone stuck in this building.” She was reported to be found hours later. I didn’t hear her, I just knew she was there and knew that having that building searched would not put anyone in danger but could also save a life. So, I took the risk.

Because the police can’t inform random anonymous psychics about what they find as it’s against procedure and dangerous to open investigations, many times I just have to deliver and wait. Sometimes families aren’t even informed! In the case above, the missing person was a concerting adult and addict. They have every right to keep what happened to them to themselves and didn’t even have to update their own family or friends. That can be very inefficient and difficult as a reader to know how much danger someone is in and have your hands tied or to know how helpful or not helpful the work is. This is why public knowledge and sensationalism is great for missing persons cases. The pressure put on the police system from the public makes sure that they’re following through with every single lead and updating the public regularly, which means the case is more likely to be solved. These cases are not like the movies. These poor detectives are OVERWHELMED with horrible cases of murder and missing people. Valuable evidence is lost the longer a body has to decompose before it’s found, which means killers wander the streets. Most hauntings and Spirit have no need for revenge. They do, however, appreciate closure and protection of the living. This might mean making sure their bodies are found for evidential reasons to keep the murderer from murdering or harming others.

Occasionally, I’ve had incidences where I am reading an article of a missing person and see a photo or video that triggers a psychic link to the missing or deceased person. In a situation like this, they may tell me what happened to them and ask me for help. But I can only do so much without direct support from the family and living loved ones. I never reach out to them because I think that’s very inappropriate and inconsiderate to do to a grieving family. I wait for them to come to me while I do my best to bring the haunting peace.

Even with everything going right, these kinds of cases can take weeks of intense connections and groundwork to figure out. It’s not a typical one hour session. I’ve had long 6-9 hour sessions of tracking, communicating and even searching on foot for results. It’s a very difficult job!

I have considered getting a detective license as it could allow me more access to cases like this making the process much more efficient.

Copyright protected Jessenia Nozzolillo 2023

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