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Talking to the Dead

By Jessenia Nozzolillo

Talking to the Dead

Let me share some interesting things I’ve learned about hauntings.

But first, what is a haunting? Hauntings are souls that are severed from the physical expression. That physical expression we call a body doesn’t always need to be dead for the soul to be wandering! In fact, I’ve learned with my work that if our soul knows our body is going to die it flees on purpose so that it doesn’t have to feel the pain of death. Sometimes part of the trauma of staying stuck here is that they could not flee in time and have not been able to heal from that horror. Additionally, when a person is very scared, afraid for their life or uncomfortable, the soul can rip from the body and create a “severance” that only means the soul may continue to wander, a term we call “disassociation.” I have had souls come to me from family, friends, or clients while they were in surgery, or while they were sleeping, and in times of fear or in failed suicide attempts. Most of the time (if the body is still viable) I can “bring them back home” to their body and reattach them. The term for this anomaly (a soul that refuses to return to its body) is what we call a coma. I’ve had these same people wake up and recount the story to other friends! They claimed “I was out wandering and visiting loved ones then Jessenia yelled at me to get back into my body. She ruined my fun.” Disassociation is a momentary rising out of the body, not a long term act of fleeing. In cases of disassociation, one can usually return back to the body with awareness, breathing and movement “snapping back.”

A haunting is limited to the same information the human form was exposed to and their thought process. Meaning, if that living person couldn’t tell me the age their father got a raise at work, the haunting wouldn’t be able to tell me either. If the living person was distrusting, shy, reserved and hyper-religious, the haunting will also be. This means that the information they share is biased, not always accurate and based fully on their conscious human knowledge. If the living person had mental illness and believed they were an alien reptilian race, their haunting would also believe that. I’ve had situations where a 5 year old haunting told me he buried his treasure by a tree, come to find out the treasure was a screw and a button. I’ve had the haunting of a child try to show me where their body was, and feel frustrated and sad that he couldn’t remember how to get to the place again because 5 year olds aren’t great with directions.

Additionally, hauntings are usually very confused. Dying, as you can imagine, takes a lot out of you. In cases where people have slow deaths, die in their sleep, starve to death, or die on heavy medication, they are usually still very lethargic and confused, sometimes not even knowing how or when they died. For this I can use other gifts, mediumship, connection with Spirit that has crossed over, or extrasensory to scan the history in a home, space, or location to see what happened and piece together evidence of their death. But it’s easier to investigate on scene, or with a photo or video of the area I am reading.

Hauntings also don’t understand time. Our body is our clock. It’s biologically predisposed to tell us when we are tired when it is dark out, and when we need rest. A haunting no longer has that, so centuries can feel like years for them.

If the person spoke another language while alive, the haunting will too. You would need a different gift structure to understand the haunting. Something like telepathy or extrasensory can help but isn’t guaranteed because extrasensory is a scope. Someone with new gifts might still not be trained enough to hear well and telepathy is the interpretation of light language, meaning you still need to know their soul’s light language in order to hear them. So if you don’t know that soul group’s language you will not be able to understand them. Because of this, it’s really important to understand that no, a haunting isn’t always going to be accurate — just like humans they suffer human limitations in thinking and awareness.

I’ve also learned hauntings can continue accumulating karma! It is a soul fragment after all. If a haunting is running around, hurting people, visiting people, and causing problems, then it will have to face the karmic repercussions of those decisions when it crosses over.

A haunting is a fragment of a master soul. You are a fragment of your master soul. Because of this you can meet a haunting version of your master soul somewhere in this world and it’s not actually that uncommon. Why? Because they would be more aligned to your energetic frequency than anyone else’s, being pulled to you even if you are continents away.

We have a gift to see, scout and cross over hauntings because hauntings lower Earth’s vibration. Their suffering and inability to heal is detrimental to the environment and the people around them. Because they are no longer connected to the physical food source of their body and the energetic food source of their master soul, they instead feed by syphoning energy from their environment. This means that everyone is affected — even if a sweet and kind haunting is present, they exist here by siphoning off the energy of people in their environment. The “shadow eye” gift is the psychic ability to attract hauntings to you and then assist them in their release, crossing over into the Akashic Realm where they go into life review and processing. But, it’s not an easy job. It’s essentially playing a therapist to deeply tormented souls who have free will and cannot be forced into “finding peace.”

Copyright Protected Jessenia Nozzolillo, 2023

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1 Comment

Wendy Northcut
Wendy Northcut
Jan 12, 2023

This makes sense to me. When I was a child and continuing into adulthood, I always felt like I was floating above my body. I had a lot of childhood trauma, and I think my soul didn't want to be there. To this day, my spirit has a need to feel free.

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