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Why the “Law of Attraction” isn’t Working for You

By Jessenia Nozzolillo

Why the “law of attraction” isn’t working for you & the power of language.

I need to explain something here that I learned through clients.

A common block in the spiritual community is self-defeating language OR delusionary speech. What's this mean?

In order to surface a wound, one must openly and authentically communicate the issue. Changing language because you are afraid of negatively associated words, afraid to feel deep or negative emotions, afraid of failure or rejection, etc. IS NOT HEALING. It's avoidance.

The only way to heal the issue is to not be afraid of openly communicating the emotion you feel especially when it’s coming from a negative place. Being able to explore the deep shadows of our subconscious, without fear, is exactly what surfaces the most profound change.

This authentic communication is the bridge to our most prominent blocks. Exposing them for the purpose of healing them is the first and most important step to manifestation!

A repressed or shunned issue still exists, especially if you refuse to communicate it. That being said, after the issue was communicated in its full depth — authentically and in its entirety — it then begins the process of self-repair. It is important that when healing the wound, we speak to ourselves with compassion and love. That is absolutely true.

Manifestation and attraction respond to your energetic frequency. That frequency will not be positively affected by avoidance, illusion, lies, manipulation or trickery. Our energetic frequency is a reflection of our true being. Changing that vibration requires a change in the destructive program that created the blocks. There is no lack. But our trauma will have us believing in lack to support our illusion of unworthiness. You can’t trick the soul or the subconscious mind.

What I’ve seen is too many people commenting on people’s posts, trying to alter their language, trying to convince them to not speak openly or authentically about their pain or experience — afraid of the energy behind the word. That in itself becomes another form of judgment, you are assuming you know their intention behind that language by confusing your perception of that verbiage and message with your own.

The issue surfaces, when someone continuously uses self-defeating or negative language on a daily basis, in a repeated way. For example, saying you have bad luck 24/7 and expecting things to constantly go poorly for yourself is self-defeating and will keep leading you to creating exactly that reality.

Copyright protected Jessenia Nozzolillo 2023

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