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Past Life Hypnosis

By Jessenia Nozzolillo

A practitioner gathering information from a client under hypnosis can create issues with information and clarity. In reading/listening to content and reviewing sessions and information created through this process, I realized the practitioners were reaching blindly into these lives and communicating blindly with these entities – meaning the information was obtained by getting the clients in a deep state of hypnosis and asking them to explain what they were seeing/hearing/feeling because they couldn’t see and hear it themselves.

The danger here?

Imagine walking into a room blindfolded with your senses limited. Then, having to digest or experience the room through questions ONLY. How many of us feel like we would experience 100% of the room in that way? Even if we had 4-6 hours we could be missing major elements. We would be evaluating a concept, not a moment in time. Now, spend 5 mins in the room observing it yourself and I guarantee you will pick up a lot more information from that room.

Additionally, the client involved in these guided experiences is usually going to be a 1-3 time observer, which means all your eyes, ears, and senses are new to the experience. There are some cases where these clients work with the same individual for a year. There are cases where the clients can’t be taken into hypnosis at all because they are defensive, curious, untrusting, afraid, too traumatized. But would you trust someone who just read 2 times to evaluate your Soul and lives? They are functioning on the surface level of that spectrum by nature because of lack of information, training, and exposure. So they don’t know how to seek any other information outside of the hypnotherapist's guidance. They simply don’t have the experience.

Additionally, consider the danger in not knowing, seeing, and understanding who or what we are speaking with. There are infinite entities out there of all vibrations. It’s such a dangerous belief system to assume we should connect with no purpose and seek anyone who will speak to us, OR assume that every Spirit in the astrals has good intentions or is a master/expert in their field. It is not all love and rainbows in the astrals – that’s some major misinformation and why most people get possessed and misinformed. We assumed it was all high-vibrational outside of Earth, or even that we can say, “connect me to the highest vibration” and somehow we found it. All that will do is connect you to the highest vibration you are ready to physically comprehend – which isn’t the highest vibration available to you and not the highest vibration in Spirit.

I once spoke with a powerful high-vibrational entity and asked them questions about past lives and its affect on the body. He said, “I can only share what happened to me, but this is not my realm of expertise.” And I realized that we study different knowledge in the realms, hence the purpose of Archangels and Ascended Masters. They are experts in their field, and nothing else. They have become such informational experts, that they teach their world of expertise to all those who are incarnating. We study under one master at a time until we master the information or graduate.

So, now imagine talking to an individual Soul that isn’t a master of the category?

Additionally, people seem to assume that there is “one” cosmic being that knows all. To a degree… but, that doesn’t mean we individuals have access to them or that their wisdom is helpful.

Let me explain this in the easiest way I can. Your Soul is connected to a master Soul. Your master Soul is connected to a Soul group. Your Soul group is connected to a God. Your God is connected to a planet or star (dead or alive). Your star or planet to a galaxy. Your galaxy to a cosmic body. That cosmic body to a multiverse and it actually never ends because Creation never ends. How helpful is it going to be to access information from the multiverse managing trillions of lives, Souls, Soul groups, and experiences? Not really helpful. You will be pulling up some cosmic and likely irrelevant information to your personal experience on Earth.

Most people only have the ability and clearance to connect to other beings, guides, higher-self and THEIR Creator who they may say feels like a powerful loving entity because it is the thing that made you in its image. It’s a powerful bond. But it’s also important to understand they don’t “know all” about everything – just your specific Soul and Soul group. Because of this, the information may not relate to others or resonate with them, ESPECIALLY if they have a different Soul group.

That’s not awesome because we don’t know who or what we are getting information from and how relevant their perspective is. We can be talking to a haunting, past life, master Soul, or Ascended Master asking the same questions and get different answers. So, knowing who we are speaking with matters greatly.

To combat this, work with someone who has mastered their gifts and used hypnosis in addition to their gift structure not to replace gifts.

Copyright Protected Jessenia Nozzolillo, 2023

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