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The Feminine Container?

By Jessenia Nozzolillo

A lesson about the valuable necessity of a “Masculine container” for Feminine expression.

Have you heard of the term? Let me explain how and why it’s important.

The Divine Feminine is designed to channel unlimited, inherent wisdom of the universe. Masculine energy is designed to bring evidential structure to and create science around that inherent wisdom and channeled messages. The Feminine and Masculine are designed to work together to support human evolution. But how about when they are imbalanced?

For example, if the Divine Feminine channels beautiful messages from the universe and the Masculine energy has not created a container to capture and understand it, they will not be ready to bring evidence to or comprehend the message — they may call it manipulation, sorcery, magic, or witchcraft. They feel that their logic has been attacked; they may think it’s ungrounded and potentially emotionally charged when met with resistance and disregarded.

This is what we mean when we say that the Divine Masculine energy creates a container in which the Feminine expresses itself. A “container” is simply a declaration of what we are willing to receive, and comprehend. It doesn’t mean it’s going to stop women from channeling messages outside of the container. It just means all the messages outside of that container will be met with resistance, and there will be no support from Divine Masculine integration — just yet anyways — up until the container or capacity has been created to digest and face that new information… an “aha” moment.

I was reading a past life in ancient Egypt that fascinated me. In this past life, I had met a very gifted woman who could read or predict the future, and sense large shifts in the environment, like weather. This is a mixture of extrasensory abilities, and psychic abilities. At this time in ancient Egypt, gifts were greatly respected, and very frequently meant your social status was elevated. This was true for her, and she became a very popular woman and an advisor to the pharaoh. Unfortunately, they misunderstood the gift. They thought she was creating the weather when she was, in fact, predicting the weather. The Masculine container that was created couldn’t understand how one could predict something as violent as weather. They only believed in the egoic ability to control weather as their gods did. So she was seen as a walk-in God, and therefore worshiped as such. The issue came when the weather was damaging. They assumed it was her fault based on their understanding of her gift, so she was violently murdered in a sad attempt to bring relief to the cycle of bad weather they were experiencing.

The container is nothing but the vocal capacity to comprehend the message — the scientific structure’s presentation of the gift. It was never supposed to be used as an act of violence.

Next time someone shares something you can’t comprehend, have the courage to admit it’s outside of your scope of knowledge WITHOUT the violent attacks on the containers you are incapable of creating to make space for all that is actually possible.


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