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Updated: Mar 18

By Jessenia Nozzolillo

Our Spirit team will frequently use patterns, numbers, and symbols to communicate with us. It’s an efficient way to send a long and very detailed message with just a few symbols. I wanted to share what I’ve channeled over time with my team when it comes to the meaning of numbers.

I hope you find this guide to be a useful tool on your journey.

0 - Nothing is ever as bad as it seems and everything has to start somewhere. Don’t ever forget the power of hope as it’s the seed of every dream and vision. Hope births dreams.

1 - It’s time to begin a new chapter, make change, and start a new journey or take new action on something you have been delaying.

2 - Partnership and relationships take center stage. Who needs you? What new relationships/partnerships are surfacing for your highest good? Where do you need support?

3 - You are being divinely supported and guided by something greater than you. Spirit is an ever-present energy in your life. You are never alone.

4 - House and home. How are your foundation, structure, and the people around you? A strong foundation and home make anything possible. How is your home and inner world elevating?

5 - Success is a natural side effect of alignment. Keep following your heart and you will keep seeing positive changes roll out.

6 - Change is a powerful tool. We recognize your changes but you are thinking too small. Think bigger, keep going. It’s not time to stop just yet.

7 - Your cosmic team is here for you. Your Spirit team and angels are always guiding and lighting up the next road but you cannot see it without some faith.

8 - Abundance is coming. Nothing happens in this world without some balancing. Lows only birth space for the next high and you deserve the abundance presented to you at this time. Receive in gratitude.

9 - Your wildest dreams are manifesting right in front of you. You are actively doing the work and we are proud. Time to celebrate your accomplishments and hard work.

Numerology is a coding system that allows our guides to send us paragraphs of information in a compacted symbol. Paying attention to the numbers around you can be incredibly enlightening and reassuring on your journey.

I channeled these definitions from my Spirit team after trying to connect to the numbers all around me and is how I teach them to students. A repeated number represents the messages they are repeating with more intensity and can also represent two numbers at the same time. For example, seeing 1111 is also a reflection of 4 as it is (4) 1’s. This might mean something like: It’s time to change and rewrite your family dynamic, heal generational patterns, and a reminder that what you create can positively affect those you love the most. Your home and family life will never be the same as it elevates into its potential.

Similarly 222 is also 6 representing major changes in relationships and acknowledging that you are not thinking big enough which means your partner is out of your scope of what you even believe is possible. Healing a toxic relationship past or pattern will help us change our mindset and open ourselves up to the amazing partnership opportunities available to us.

If you found this useful, make sure to share!

Copyright protected Jessenia Nozzolillo, 2023

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