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Research Theory

Case Study: To prove how the quantum human energy field affects the physical body manifesting as evidential symptoms, disease, behavioral patterns, phobias and illness


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Each individual human is composed of an energy field. That energy field is never lost. As Albert Einstein stated, “Energy can never be lost, only changed in composition.” This energy field records the experiences of human life ­— for example: traumas, patterns, and memories. When the physical body dies, the energetic body returns to the 5th dimensional plane where it waits for its next 3rd dimensional incarnation. That energy field continues to hold the memories of that individual through all of its lives, or incarnations. If those memories are especially traumatizing, they will express or manifest as physical, emotional, or behavioral issues, thus affecting the health and well-being of the individual. 


This is the science behind the evolution of the human mind. We continue layering experiences by overcoming challenges presented, each life taking on new missions, thus humans continue to expand their knowledge. If we didn’t have this energy field containing our learned behavior, wouldn’t we simply continue to repeat the same mistakes?  For educational/practical purposes, please note that the human energy field is commonly referred to as the soul and the subconscious mind is the memory of that soul, a 5th dimensional database of the soul’s full experiences in its totality, on Earth and off Earth between incarnations. 


My gift structure allows me to heal the disturbances to the energetic field through soul repair. By repairing a client at their soul level by addressing past life trauma, we then see a profound synergistic effect that will repercuss into the physical body at the cellular level. I have called this energetic healing process “Soul Reintegration™” 


Humans are made to self-heal. Scientific data on the spiritual connection and multi-dimensional experience to support self-healing has not been greatly supported or prevalent. This research will combine the developed elements of Quantum Physics, Psychology, Neuroscience, and Spirituality for the sake of healing humanity. 


This research aims to bridge the gap and prove one of the oldest beliefs on Earth, that we are energetic beings first, and humans second. This is the next phase of human evolution. The goal is to learn everything about the energetic field that is the soul and how it is connected to our human bodies in its full expression. Scientific evidence also means we can start teaching the modality thus educating globally. Connecting to the soul means reconnecting to the cosmic fabric of the collective. This allows a breakthrough some philosophers describe as transcendent enlightenment — a powerful connection to the inherent wisdom of the universe and each other. This is our end game here, the healthy and safe integration of the soul expressed powerfully through the human form. Enlightened, cosmic human beings; the next level.  Clients have shown a stronger connection to their own souls as a natural and necessary part of this healing. Intuition is the intrinsic connection we all have to our subconscious database, or soul. Yet, most humans seem to be biased and believe spiritual gifts and intuition are an anomaly bestowed only on the rare few. This is not true. The reason the general population has issues connecting is because of the trauma from the many past lives that are stored in our energy field. In modern psychology, it’s been proven that a client can repress a traumatic memory until that client has the tools or support to safely recall the memory. 

Primary Literature Review

According to biologists Ron Sender and Ron Milo of the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel, your body replaces around 330 billion cells per day. At that rate, your body is making over 3.8 million new cells every second. Your energy field is responsible for coding and assigning the polarity and expression that will present in this natural cellular regeneration process. Healing the energy field means healing the cells born after the energy field has been properly polarized.  


Additionally, modern psychology has proven the need for trauma repair and all of the mental health benefits associated with it. It was curious beings like Carl Jung who created the field of analytical psychology. But what happens when we are able to dig into the multi-dimensional, quantum self and repair the energetic field in its totality? These traumatic events leave imprints in the energy field dense enough to manifest in a measurable way, whether it be behavioral patterns, illness, disease, mental health issues, or simply repetition of events. In surfacing these traumas, I am able to bring closure and healing to the 5th dimensional energy field, resolving the way it negatively affects the client here in this 3rd dimensional reality. The client is also given a new sense of awareness and can now consciously access the information of the past life we surfaced and healed that had been stored in the subconscious mind through the human energy field. This can be compared to downloading a file that has been transferred and saved onto the cloud for convenient access when the cloud is unreachable, or downloading a file from the internet to print and read on a flight. A real-life example of this kind of conscious awareness surfacing would be an incident where a client was able to remember healing herbs and mixtures from a past life the client had and studied herbology, despite never studying herbology in this current life. 


In modern psychology it’s been proven that a client can repress a traumatic memory until that client has the tools or support to safely recall the memory. A common example might be a repressed sexual abuse memory in childhood that suddenly surfaces in therapy at 30 years old. It was able to surface because the client or patient had the tools and support to manage it later. It was always there, regardless of their inability to be consciously aware of the memory itself, yet the patient was always responding to it. A patterned response from a traumatic memory of sexual abuse might in very simplest form look like discomfort with their body, covering up their body, feeling unsafe around others and intimacy issues. An energetic response pattern might be issues with receiving, blocks to money, or blocks to sexual health. Repeated illness might look like reoccurring UTI’s, cysts, fertility issues, and painful menstrual cycles. The patterned expressions of each traumatic event are very specific to the actual event at hand. Healing the memory will naturally help us feel safer and more connected to our body, thus reducing the symptoms that manifested from the originating trauma. 


Now, imagine the expression of this in a quantum experience where someone has suffered hundreds of lives of trauma? We intentionally avoid connection to the soul because we are afraid of the trauma that lies within that connection. When we have the proper support and modalities in place to face and heal those extensive wounds, we learn to reconnect. This changes the fabric of humanity. 


The primary research method is by case study with volunteer clients. Clients are sent a questionnaire via email asking only for their birth name, birth day, and birth place. I am then able to use my spiritual gifts to surface the disruptions of the client’s energy field and the subsequent symptoms from the experience. These blocks to a healthy energetic expression would have occurred in a traumatic moment in this life or past lives.  Through my Soul Reintegration™ process, I have been able to confirm illness, behavioral patterns, qualities and characteristics of the client and then provide solutions to the issues presented — healing any residual energy from the events surfaced. As a result, clients have reported evidential feedback and positive physical results. 


Some examples of the behavioral and medical symptoms and ailments reported which have been significantly reduced or completely healed are:


- Narcolepsy 

- Depression 

- Anxiety 

- Dissociation 

- Agoraphobia 

- Suicidal thoughts

- Body Dysmorphia 

- Dissociative Identity Disorder 

- Mental Psychosis 

- Hallucinations 

- Inflammation

- Slowed metabolism and weight gain

- Sensory issues

- Numbness in the extremities 

- Fertility issues

- Gastro-Intestinal/Digestive issues

- Speech Impediment 

- Memory blocks

- Phobias 


- Fears (dark water, public speaking, failure, success to note a few)

- Repeated debilitating pain and aches

- Headaches and migraines

- Relationship blocks

- Finance blocks

- Self-worth blocks

- Communication/Speech blocks

- Sexual abuse 

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