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Research Funds

Where does your financial support go?

Right now I am functioning as a small spiritual-based business, and have collected enough information from my clients that will lay the foundation for this much larger research process. This is a huge undertaking, so I will need financial support to fund the following.


- Working directly with clients who have identified current life physical, emotional, or behavioral health issues. 

- Expenses to support online sessions with clients when in person sessions are not needed, including but not limited to check in time, recording time, reporting time, archiving time.

- I will need to hire help for dictation, filing, translation of recordings, and digital storage.

- Potential office or facility space fees.

- Fees associated for any digital support, archiving/storage, cellular/mobile, correspondence, internet.

- General office supplies, technology equipment such as but not limited to external hard drives, laptops, cell phones, webcams, photography/videography equipment

- Publishing fees associated with editing, narration, digital compilation, and payroll to support editing. 

- Travel fees to meet clients as necessary, and fees associated for travel for in person live event sessions created to educated the general public and all interested parties on status of research, whether in progress or finalized.

- Fees associated for hosting events to support educational around findings of research on a global level

For further information, please contact the team below.

Thanks for submitting!
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