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The Trauma Loop & Untapped Human Potential

By Jessenia Nozzolillo

Recently, I have started tapping into scientific based theories about the brain and its current limitation in the human form. I found this fascinating.

When I mention “Spirit,” I mean to indicate I am talking to a collection of Spirit guides, specifically my higher-self or soul’s database, and any experts in the Akashic Realm while also reviewing soul records — or better known as Akashic Records. My ability to understand the context is important because somewhere I have already developed the information that would support the message. Imagine it this way: a 5 year old might read quantum physics, it doesn’t mean they understand it. It would not retain in their mind or make sense in the long run or be something they can teach to others.

In session, I asked Spirit “Why can’t they (a client) remember this conversation? Seems they just keep repeating themselves.”

Spirit said, “They are in a trauma loop.”

I asked, “What’s a trauma loop?”

Then the lesson…

The human mind is infinite. It has the ability to make new neurons and neurological connections infinitely. Neurons transmit energy throughout the brain and that allows untapped sites to feed formulating, activating, or developing new parts of the brain. Neurons should get stronger and more powerful in time. This would result in an active, creative, aware, alert, vigilant mind with great memory recall. The brain is also responsible for managing all of the other bodily functions, hormones, responses, movement and digestion of their environment. So if/when the brain is not healthy or fully up to par, we may have a disruption in any of those areas.

How do we strengthen the brain? We already understand that education, experience, problem solving, diet and mental/emotional health are important for a developing brain. But why do so many of us hit dead ends in life, suffer memory loss, get stuck in recurring patterns, forget important information and deteriorate before our time? The answer is found in trauma loops.

A trauma loop is a recurring block where you are at a place in life where it feels like there is no out. Nothing in this place or area of life makes full sense. But based on previous sessions with my clients, they usually work overtime to justify the behaviors and decisions in that loop, saying statements they have convinced themselves are true with no actual backing of evidence. For example, saying “but I love them” even if there are no acts or behaviors consistent with loving relationships. Or, “I can’t move on” even though plenty of people have figured it out and moved on. Or, “I’ll never cheat again” and the infidelity continues. They can feel like they are trapped in a repeating cycle that never seems to change, evolve, or end differently. The longer you repeat this loop the more traumatic and engraved it is in the brain. The more you repeat the pattern, the harder it is to break. You are aggressively programming limitation into the brain; convincing yourself that there is no choice is actually a part of this trauma. This results with the neurons over-firing, feeding the illusion of impossibility that is created by the trauma loop. They will continue to feed that belief-system and therefore starve outward expansion and starve the ability to creatively problem solve by feeding the trauma loop instead of creating new ideas, giving us the same responses time and time again.

Even more alarming, being a past life reader has taught me that we have trauma loops we are still participating in from past lives. They repeat in our energy code and programming as “true statements” that we never dismembered and rebuilt, continuing the block to new connections and thought patterns in the present.

There is always a solution. We might not love the solution, but everything in this world has a solution. With a healthy mind, we should be able to seek infinite possibilities to our dilemmas.

Eventually, when we get tired enough of the repeated pattern, people feel the only solution is to try to do things differently. But, unfortunately the thirst for change isn’t enough. We will find ourselves on the same path repeating the patterns with different people because we never actually solved the issue with the trauma loop. It’s all that we know so in an attempt for honest change we find we created a new branch or neurological pathway to express the trauma in. We repeat the same block, but with a different face, place and time. Thus, the loop prevails.

Spirit explained that the only way out of this loop is to find the trauma’s point of origin — where the wound was created. By healing the wound we no longer make decisions from the standpoint of the trauma; we instead make decisions from love — love being the energy that heals all. In this reality the loop is finally broken and the person can now surpass the blocks presented by the loop’s belief system.

Sounds easy enough, but if we knew what the point of origin was, we would have likely already changed it. The trickiest part about the point of origin is we established our whole belief system around it because we didn't necessarily see it as a problem when it occurred or didn't have the tools to unbiasly observe the trauma. Meaning, it is very hard to find the point of origin in our own thinking, especially if it didn’t occur in this life. Spirit has exposed trauma loops for me and explained concepts that shattered my thought process completely. I would have never been able to see it myself because I wasn't programmed to and the trauma made sure of it.

Some examples of these difficult and deeply embedded trauma points might sound something like: a client sabotaging their wealth and happiness due to a memory in infancy, convincing them that the pursuit of money and happiness was dangerous after witnessing their parents have a violent fight over the subject. Panicking in cluttered spaces because they were violently beaten at 5 years old when they didn’t clean their room to their caregivers expectations. Or, second guessing everything about their intuition and desires due to life long ridicule from parents.

Additionally, a trauma loop is detrimental to brain development. Being stuck in a loop means the nerves are firing into the trauma memory, feeding it and intensifying the memory, limitation, and pain of the trauma instead of making new connections and continuing to expand the mind. This is why our traumas seem to haunt us. Depending on the intensity of the wound, clients may have a visceral response to the stimulus or feel like they are reliving the emotional response to the originating trauma even if they don’t consciously remember what it was. We often sweep these intense emotions and responses into categories like anxiety, panic attacks, fears, phobias, triggers or mental breakdowns.

It's not a malfunction. We are being reminded that this particular point in time needs repair and release. This means that even if we cannot remember the point of origin, properly recognizing the responses to the stimulus as a map will help us uncover the trauma loop’s point of origin through observation.

If there is no healing, there will be no new outcomes. If there are no new outcomes or changes, all of these “dead ends” or repeated patterns eventually stop or limit our development and expedite aging by stopping growth in the mind. If the brain regulates your bodily functions, hormones, breathing, emotional processing, muscular responses and so much more, it makes sense those same functions would be symptomatic when a brain is struggling with too many trauma loops. Some of this has already been scientifically proven. For example, stress can create memory loss. Stress is a symptomatic response of a deregulated nervous system which has been deregulated by trauma. Stress has already been connected to many detrimental health issues.

Spirit also explained that the human mind is infinite. Its neurological bonds would continue to expand as long as the human is alive. The issue is most people don’t know how to self-repair, face trauma loops, or that any of this exists. This is why we tap into so little of our brain. I asked Spirit, “What would this mean for the full development of the brain?” They said, “We don’t know! It’s yet to be discovered. The potential is limitless! The idea is we test it out and see what side effects present themselves. Your memory, knowledge and thought process has improved since healing! It’s a beautiful and powerful process we are excited to learn more about.”

I also asked about “geniuses” here on Earth. Spirit said that many of Earth’s geniuses are a proven element to this theory as many of them have had some type of relationship with the Autism spectrum. Many of them lived life undiagnosed because there simply wasn’t a diagnosis or understanding of their mind in their time. I have worked with a wide variety of clients on the spectrum and have a child on the spectrum myself, so it is something that has always fascinated me. I've helped nonverbal children have a voice, seen how they perceive life and helped their parents better understand them thus strengthening their relationships. One interesting processing pattern I have seen in some, not all, spectrum diagnoses is that the client is observing life but never taking anything personally — meaning they simply absorb the information as an element to the human experience, rather than take it as a personal attack to self. If someone was cruel to them, it was simply painful (to whatever physical degree they could feel pain) and a reflection of the attacker’s pain and circumstances; not something the client needed to blame themselves for. This is because this type of inner programming allows them to strategically categorize emotion through behavior, not feeling. With this programming, love might mean schedules, caregiving, entertainment, presence, reading time, cuddles, and dinner together. In this example, love is presented through measurable behaviors, not an emotional response or feeling like warmth, butterflies in your stomach, yearning, or sadness when they depart. This type of emotional translation in their inner-programming means that the traumas are often unknown until the client crosses over and is able to face them all in life review. Looking at life this way can support the development of a powerful genius-like mind, but not without consequences. It has often taken from their social lives and skills, human connection, interactions, and even the human experience. In the living form, every issue, argument, or circumstance is an observable behavior of human conflict. When disagreement and conflict is properly digested through the mind it can be a lesson for further growth, often expediting our understanding of choice, freewill, and change; rather than being a limitation because they have not taken it personally letting the emotion involved limit them by creating a trauma loop. So, in this sense we can see how previewing healthy conflict is a necessary building block to nurturing problem solving minds.

In life review, the emotional pain of the experiences flood the being and sometimes it’s even worse than the original trauma. Many of these people have not been treated well in the history of humanity. They are often ostracized from their communities, struggle with partnerships and relationships, live lonely lives and struggle with human interaction, always feeling like something is wrong with them that they simply can’t put their hands on. It wasn’t until recently that we have started shifting that pattern because we’ve developed a diagnosis, and a diagnosis opens the door to better treatment and understanding which leads to services, compassion, respect and even admiration. But even so, there is a whole spectrum of diagnoses and behaviors under one massive umbrella we call Autism, clearly indicating we have plenty more to learn and understand about this label. Most of the spectrum diagnoses is currently observed through outer expression like cognitive functioning, behaviors, eye contact, and speech patterns. Imagine the powerful data we could develop by seeing the internal expression and process? Keep in mind that because Autism is such a large spectrum, there are many other ways the symptoms present themselves outside of this theory.

So, theoretically, a healed mind would become stronger, more intelligent, and continue expanding if one’s focus was trauma repair — thus maintaining the mind, body, and health for longer than we are used to here on Earth. This means by confronting trauma loops, we are able to nurture and repair neurological connections within the brain. It is important to bridge my spiritual background with the scientific community in order to study and prove my theory.

Copyright Protected Jessenia Nozzolillo, 2022

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