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Divorce on your mind? By Jessenia Nozzolillo

Updated: Jun 12, 2022

So many people are divorcing right now. Why? Because stress exposes people. Life on Earth is all about physical experiences, both good and bad. With those bad or difficult experiences, we are given the opportunity to push past our comfort zones, expand, problem-solve, and diversify our emotional capacity. Everything is a lesson here in this very short reality. And that lesson all stems down to the simple fact that nothing in this world matters BUT how you respond! How you respond is everything. What people do to you is their karma. How you react becomes yours. Their choices, lessons, growth, responses, and behavior are not your burden or wound. They will never be. You are only responsible for how you show up, how you react, and what you give or didn’t give. When faced with obstacles or stressors, our response should be, “How can I best react to this situation in a way that allows growth? In a way I’ll be proud of? In a way that allows healing for me and those dependent on me?” But how many people have that kind of emotional awareness? Very few. So instead, we have been using the pandemic to expose those triggers and wounds, putting people in survival mode, truly surfacing their deep inner feelings and patterns, and allowing the world to see who they are. And yes, many marriages, friendships, and jobs are ending because of it. If you find yourself saying, “They are just stressed; it’s a difficult time for everyone. They don’t usually behave this way.” Remind yourself that you are making excuses for their innate behaviors that have just been surfaced. Then ask yourself, is that something you are going to keep committing to? I am NOT telling you to leave everyone who is struggling with heavy emotional triggers or wounds of the past. But, a florist thinking they NEED to perform emergency surgery to “save a life” is never really going to be a solution to anyone being saved. Additionally, if you feel like you are making excuses for someone, or feel in danger, or hurt because of their response-then it’s time for you to reflect deeper on your happiness. We need to get over the idea that it is our job to heal all of the wounds our loved ones carry and that if we recognize we cannot, we are not actually “bad, or could not love unconditionally, or gave up.” That is simply not true. You just realized you aren’t a surgeon, and that is ok. We all have pain. We have all struggled with something. And yes, our reaction to that pain will always be our responsibility. So if you are stabbing people who love you because of your stress, then know they don’t actually have to allow that, and allowing that is not an act of love. It’s an act of sacrifice, self-abuse, enabling behavior, and negative karma. Additionally, people cannot actually heal while everyone is in their energy. We are a vessel. We cannot focus our energy in our vessel if everyone else is forcing their energy into ours. So, by removing your energy from others' lives, it will actually make space for their own energy to kick in and take control of their situation if they choose to use it that way. The power is all theirs. We are NOT ever responsible for the healing of others. We can hold space, send love, love them as they are, give advice when asked, be a shoulder to lean on when needed, call out dangerous or avoidant patterns, and lend a book or movie we think might be supportive. But the harsh and difficult reality is that if they don’t decide it’s time, nothing will change that, and to be honest, it is an act of ego to force change if and when they are not ready. What does that mean? None of us are perfectly healed. If I went around yelling at everyone to accept and choose my version of healing because that is where I am at, then I am blind to the journey and pain of others. I am assuming everyone is like me and thinks like me; that what is easy for me should be easy for them. But what I am not recognizing is we are all exactly where we choose to be in our own journey, and that is a necessity to this life and emotional diversity. We are all different, taking different roads and cars to the same destination at different speeds, and that’s beautifully ok. It is absolutely ok to lovingly outgrow people and allow them to be happy where they are. That is a natural part of the cosmic experience. We grow, part, and attract new experiences made for continued expansion and reflection until we stop existing. Our obsession with “loyalty,” “one partner,” a “forever love” is an illusion fueled by people who don’t understand the infinite experience of the soul. It’s not real. We will love millions. That’s where we grow. That doesn’t take away from unconditional love or love at all. It allows us to understand love deeper and in many different forms. Unconditional love article: I’m also not saying there isn’t beauty in finding a long-term partner you are still in love with, growing with, and nourished by. That’s a beautiful thing! But we must acknowledge that what we know vs. what others are ready to receive is a totally different thing. And yes, we should always be authentically ourselves. But the issue is that there is a major imbalance right now in awareness and consciousness. Those who are “woke” have been mastering their gifts for many lifetimes, and those just waking up are very easily overwhelmed with the content and information that is pouring out from all over the world and cosmos. So, it is in our responsibility and “job description” to have self-control and not pour onto those who are not ready to hear what we have to say. So remember, just because you know it doesn’t mean it’s time for everyone to hear. All the knowledge in the world is useless unless it is able to be received and advice without being asked is just another form of judgment. We would not teach quantum physics to a baby; being a teacher means being able to grasp what the audience is ready for, based on what they have reached for, asked about, or permitted you to discuss. We are all teachers. If we don’t understand this, we pour on to people and scare them. They don’t understand our messages (because they weren’t ready for them) or because the message triggers something in them they weren’t prepared to face. In this pattern, we continued to feel ostracized, alone, and misunderstood. This is also completely valid with our partners. It’s simply a side effect of the awakening and the imbalance created here at this moment. The goal is, we all get strong enough to accept constant information from source, clarity, and deep soul-level knowledge. But it won’t happen through force and judgment; a hard lesson learned and proven through the history and the biblical genocide. We cannot force growth or knowledge on anyone. Knowledge is experience of whichgrowth is always sparked through internal desire. With this being such a theme for the collective, I asked in meditation, why might someone who is “evolved” with a lot of responsibility on Earth choose/plan for love? It seems that love is confusing, blinding, limiting, distracting, and can be considered a weakness. If the goal was evolution and responsibility, it almost feels like relationships can be a distraction. The saying “Love is blind” comes to mind. Source: That is true. But, the wiser the person, the deeper the ways they understand and feel love. The more we love someone, the more they can teach us about ourselves, the universe, the absolute potential and beauty of this experience. So it is in evolution that we learn to prioritize love with all its risks. Not the other way around. Because a world where fear overrides love is not a world worth living in, we should all be blindly led by the heart. It’s much more profound an experience than being blindly led by fear. Love nourishes the soul. It is fuel. It is inspiration. It is expansion. In love, anything is possible. And if we learned anything here, it’s that we should never fear chasing love because love is the only thing worth chasing.

This shift was made to pull us out of misaligned partnerships and into divine unions. For 2/3 years now, twin flames have been surfacing globally to activate the rise of the divine feminine in our world. Triggering twin flame unions means merging the knowledge and lessons of 300+ lives for activation here on Earth. This shift, was planned. Just know, you will be ok. If you are one of millions on this journey, I'm sending you love.

Copyright protected Jessenia Nozzolillo 2022

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