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This is an informational video created to introduce you to her wide variety of offerings and her unique process.
Most of Jessenia's sessions are completed online via Zoom to accommodate all time-zones for her global client base. This also means that you have plenty of time to review the information in the report as they are lengthy. They are jam packed with information specific to your Soul, videos, homework and definitions. Akashic Reports are Soul records. They contain everything you've ever experienced at Soul level, from birth, through incarnations or past lives, and gifts. The Akashic Report System is made to strategically and systematically reveal past lives through themes, eventually exposing and amplifying gifts. A healing modality Jessenia has created called, Soul Reintegration™️ This is why she does not recommend skipping sessions, or jumping ahead to the gift report. Jumping ahead means you will not see your gifts at their full potential and your gift report will remain limited.
You will receive a questionnaire via email the day before your scheduled session. If you are pregnant, please contact Jessenia directly before booking any sessions. No cancellations and refunds can be accomodated due to the nature of the sessions. Jessenia Usually books months in advance, to rush to the beginning of the line and have a 1-3 week turn around, look for the 'Expedited Session' options. Do not hesitate to email the team with questions about which session is right for you!


Akashic Reports

The systematic process of healing the Soul, clearing past life trauma and exposing gifts to their full potential. Want to know your Soul's purpose? Soul level job? Origin? Structure? Past lives and Gifts? Meet your Spirit Guides? All of that can be booked here.

Live Zoom Sessions

Spiritual Life Coaching sessions and personal connections live via Zoom. Let Spirit lead, or come prepared with a list of topics to discuss. 


Recommended for:


~Relationship Sessions

~Past Life Journeying

~Mediumship Connections to the deceased

~Gift training after Akashic Records

~General Clarity and Spiritual Council

~Psychic Life Coaching

~Long Distance House Clearing


All of Jessenia's offerings in one easy to book place! Come join the community!

Group Coaching

Join our online community! Monthly subscription for group sessions in an affordable community-driven circle who desire to grow, connect, and be supported! 

Soul Reintegration™️ Package

Individualized service for for those who want exclusive access to a Spiritual Coach who will reintroduce you to the absolute depth of your Soul.

Spiritual Development Class

Everything you wanted to know about Spirit! This class also includes three full-hour akashic report sessions.

Emergency & Expedited Sessions

Skip the 6-8 week wait with an Expedited Session. These are delivered within 1-3 business weeks.

Verified Readers

If you have graduated from one of Jessenia's Certification programs, you may qualify to be a Verified Reader in her private Facebook group of 50k + members!

Your Healing Space

All of Jessenia's recommended tools for healing and realigning the chakras gathered for easy personal use and homework. 

Need help?

Jessenia and her team are only an email away. Don't hesitate to contact us!

We look forward to supporting you through this journey!

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