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Quick Start: Soul Reintegration Package

As an Akashic Records Guide and past life reader, Jessenia has the rare ability to access your deepest Soul-level traumas and experiences for the purpose of catalyzing profound healing and self-awareness. A natural side effect of this deep Soul-level healing process is the awakening and evolution of your spiritual gifts, which Jessenia also reads and trains. This is a process which Jessenia named SOUL REINTEGRATION™. 

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"The powerful spiritual community you've been seeking. Heal with us, elevate with us, adventure with us! Together, we will change the fabric of our world." Jessenia

 The journey into yourself is the "guidebook" to life we have all been seeking. Being spiritually in tune is the gift we all have deeply embedded in our first spark or Soul's birth. Let's release all obstructions to that direct channel with a proven system, together! The goal of this life is to fully integrate the human and Soul, no longer forsaking one reality for the other. 

Everything is amplified on your healing journey. Businesses, relationships, wealth, communication, connections, purpose - all elevate as we clear the road to the most abundant future.


Is this right for me?

This is for clients who are serious about their healing journey and ready to dive DEEP into the subconscious layers of their existence and purpose here.


Have you struggled with your connection to Spirit?


Do you feel lost and confused with patterns or blocks in your life?


Are you in a high-impact business taking on a lot of responsibility and need advice on how to manage daily life, stressors, or challenges?

Do you wish to discover deeper, more meaningful connections with your loved ones?

Are you curious about using intuition to amplify sales, business, and life?

Are you ready for evidential and actionable guidance from Spirit sent with the intention of supporting your Soul's purpose here on Earth and therefore collective evolution?

Are you seeking and aware that there is and has always been something greater guiding you whether you call that energy God, Spirit, Jesus, Creator, or Source?


Are you looking for answers you can't seem to find anywhere else?


Are you ready to master your intuition and gifts?


Are you excited to meet like-minded and powerful spiritual people with a similar vision to leave a profound impact on the world?


If you answered yes to any of these, then this option is perfect for you!


What is included?


This is a fully tailored service. After booking, you will get an email from the team to set up a complimentary consultation with Jessenia via Zoom where she will channel a custom spiritual action plan to help clear any blocks, patterns, or issues that are presenting themselves in your life. 

You will get:

One-on-one access to Jessenia over Zoom for 6 months. Check out the session outline below!

12 full-hour sessions a year to support your growth and connection to Spirit.


Sessions can be rescheduled with a 72-hour notice.

Because Jessenia uncovers deeply personal messages and works with high profile public figures, an NDA will be provided for client protection and confidentiality.

Access to all Videos, Digital Classes and Webinars released during your membership.

Clients with this service will also be allowed to ask one “yes or no” question via email or TEXT per month without booking a session to gain clarity on a life decision outside of scheduled sessions. Three of those "yes or no" questions can be accumulated for one Soul Assessment. Business hours apply.

Tier 1 access included! Clients will also have access to our private Discord server! Here we have regular breakthrough assignments and guided self-reflection exercises designed with the astrological themes in mind.

Tier 2 access included! Clients will also have access to the bi-monthly exclusive community, Group Coaching Zoom's.

SKIP THE LINE! After the package is purchased, clients will be contacted directly by Jessenia to begin booking sessions about 1-4 weeks from date of purchase!


What do the sessions entail?


The Soul Reintegration™️ Transformative Action Plan

Session 1, Soul Blueprint: A powerful informational recording about your Soul's structure and origin. This session can last anywhere from 1-3 hours and will target any deeply traumatizing lives that created structural damage to the Soul. The session is designed to expose tears and scars to the auric field, then repair the damage we find.

Session 2, Psychic Shadow Work: The purpose of this session is to expose and clear any damaging patterns you are currently repeating in this present life with the support of Spirit. If we knew the issue, we would no longer repeat the behaviors originating from the wound. Jessenia will support you as her Spirit team uncovers the depth of the programming we were raised in - with the purpose of reprogramming us out of the limiting beliefs in those old programs.

Session's 3 - 7, Past Life Journeying: The client can choose to have this session done live or recorded and delivered via email. Emailed sessions is a popular option for busy clients. With this process, Jessenia will address and clear past lives creating behavioral blocks, illnesses, limiting beliefs, and obstructions to abundance in this life. Most clients currently incarnated on Earth have about 300-700 lives, this means plenty of opportunity for trauma - the main reason we feel disconnected from our Soul. Clients also have the opportunity to discuss relationship patterns and lives with loved ones. Connecting to your Soul's patterns with another Soul is a great way to evolve the depth and understanding of your love, or clear any etheric chords you might have attached to toxic relationships. As part of her gift structure, Jessenia is able to act as a buffer to the past lives reducing negative side effects in the client while allowing her to obtain as much clarity and healing as possible in the evaluation, presentation, and healing of the life. 

Session 8, Psychic Life Coaching or Mediumship: This modality will absolutely shake up your current belief system and patterns. Because of that, clients often need a session for integration, clarity, life planning, and reconstruction with the support of Spirit. This is a great time to ask general questions about life, your life's plan and purpose. 

Session 9, Gift Report: How do YOU process energy to support collective evolution? A natural side effect of the healing process is gift amplification and exposure! Here is where you learn about your specific gift structure.

Session 10, What is your Soul Level Job & Modality? What is the special and unique thing you incarnated to offer the Earth? Here you would learn your experience as a Spirit, what makes you unique and how we will integrate that experience with your very specific gift structure. There will be millions of psychics, but the way you use your psychic abilities will be very specific to you, your past life themes, your mastered gifts and Soul Level Job!

Sessions 11 & 12, Gift Training: For gift training, Jessenia will bring in previous students live on Zoom for practice. The client also has the ability to choose anonymous practice where their gifts will be explored under the guidance and supervision of Jessenia. 

Sessions 13-16, Emergency Sessions: As we heal, we raise our vibration. The raising of our vibration will shake up a lot of belief systems and the unstable structures in our life making space for divinely orchestrated blessings! That can be incredibly exciting, but also scary at times. These sessions are designed to make sure you have support through the whole process. 



“Working with Jessenia has been priceless and profound! She is like a psychic detective —uncovering old wounds I didn’t even know I had, limiting beliefs, and even giving me insights into how to better navigate relationships with other.

 She's gave me clear guidance into critical business decisions that have resulted in financial success and her support in healing past life traumas that are holding me back in this lifetime via my Akashic Records has helped me have more connected relationships. I can only heal what I have awareness of and the more she reveals,  the deeper the healing I am experiencing. As she clears my past life traumas that are holding me back in THIS lifetime, I feel a new sense of clarity and well-being in my life. Also I have noticed a significant increase in my intuitive abilities and that has brought greater ease and flow in my life.”


Maria Simone, Social Impact Investor

"If you have been guided to her page, let me tell you that it is not a coincidence. You have been guided to her for a divine purpose. I can say this because Jessenia saved my life and it wasn’t a coincidence that I found her website. She has helped me dig deep and heal trauma I didn’t even know was there, helping me realize my destructive patterns and self-destructive behavior. Her Akashic reports have helped me understand where my soul originated, my soul group, and discover my soul level job. Jessenia is a beautiful soul and I have so much love in my heart for her."


Michelle A.

"I stumbled on Soul Architect Jessenia page back in 2018/2019. It’s like my guides placed her in my path at the very moment I needed it! I was diagnosed with Chiari and had brain surgery 2020. My first session the Akashic report 1 BLEW MY MIND! It literally opened my eyes to so much. I then continued with report 2 ,3 and each time I could feel her tapping into my energy and the words she spoke and things she told me were life changing for me. 

I then signed up for her class and that pushed me into a whole new level of healing, self-awareness and self love . 

She has helped me heal in more ways I think she realizes! 

Jessenia is a beautiful souls and anyone would be blessed to have the opportunity to work with her!"

Michelle P.

Healing and spiritual growth is one of the only investments we make in this lifetime that will follow us past the grave. The work we do here has cosmic repercussions. There has never been a more powerful time to be alive.

"The sessions answered questions about myself and life I was never able to answer before in addition to questions I didn't even know I had! It's left me with a deep connection and awareness to my Soul. Now I can clearly see my life's purpose and the path that I am supposed to be on. The powerful healing I received is unmeasurable and even allowed me to have a child!"

Rachel G.


125 k for 12m of access to all services listed above!

Please note, there are currently only a couple of spaces available for this exclusive offer. To inquire on availability, email the team below.

Package Add-Ons

Clients with this package have the ability to add on Soul Assessments. This is exclusive to currently enrolled members.

Let’s Work Together

E-mail the team for more information on how to get started!

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