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What are Soul Assessments & how can I best use them?

Starry Sky

Soul Assessments

A client favorite, Soul Assessments are designed to get a screen shot of a client, family member, friend, or potential employee without loosing time or energy by being surprised by avoidable issues.

At the very beginning of a session, Jessenia will surface an overall review of a client. Themes, personality, general blocks, communication style, energy, and drive. This whole process is the initial review and then the information is unraveled through the session with more detail and information to support the client through their healing journey which is then cleared and repaired through deep Soul exposure and reconstruction, a process she calls Soul Reintegration™️.

Clients have been using this Soul Assessment as a fast review to distinguish their pattern with the people in their lives — helping them strengthen supportive or destined relationships while helping them understand who they should “stay away” from, or who has poor intentions for their growth and evolution. Clients have shared that these Soul Assessments help them hire better, choose better relationships and friendships, and close deals!


One Soul Assessment can be used for a fast check-in and 3 can be accumulated for a more detailed report that includes past life review with information on your Soul level relationship, how many lives you have had together, and life themes you have.

Then we can heal those traumas, helping the relationships heal.

Rules: You must be directly involved with the person we are reading.

Spirit will never force a deal that is not mutually beneficial.

We do not use this to "Psychic Spy" on people with no purpose.

There is a limit on this package to avoid dependance on the sessions. One package per every 2 months: unless otherwise approved directly by Jessenia as it can become a crutch to using your own gift and intuition. Jessenia works to empower and train all her clients well enough to accurately assess all of their own information through their intuitive connection and gifts. So, allowing the crutch longer than needed or as a default to the work is not something she intends to allow. 

What Jessenia will need to read the client:

Full birth name and/or a clear photo of the individual without eye coverings or photo filters.

Matteen T.

How much time and energy do you spend hiring or partnering with the wrong person? How about if you knew before? The Soul Assessment is the ability to pre-plan and avoid future financial losses and the pain of hiring the wrong person!

Sabastian E.

Having Jessenia assist with Soul Assessments can be very useful for someone who’s trying to remember or wants clarification or direction or just feels stuck. Her process allows you the space to process your patterns and is great for those who’ve had questions around why they do what they do. It's been very helpful for me in remembering certain aspects of my life beyond this instance. The more aware we become the conscious we can become in our decisions. 

Rachel G.

The power of these little sessions has changed my relationship with close family and friends. It's allowed me to trust my own intuition and truly see people for who they are.

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