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Group Coaching

Is Group Coaching right for me?

This is great for anyone who enjoys the guidance and wisdom of Jessenia and would like to address questions, blocks, life patterns, gift blocks or disruptions in an intimate group setting. The sessions will take place via Zoom and will not be recorded for the privacy of everyone in the group. Member questions will be used to teach cosmic lessons while working to create profound change and trigger deep awareness within the group participants. 

What should I expect?

Expect group sessions to take place twice a month via Zoom. The schedule will be posted 3 months out allowing attendees to plan ahead of time. There are no rollovers or refunds for missed coaching sessions. Sessions are now recorded and archived through Discord. Attendees will be asked to sign an NDA to keep group information, stories, and struggles private. Attendees will also have the option to submit private questions via email during the live Zoom if they wish to remain anonymous. This gives people the opportunity to work through more sensitive matters without feeling exposed before you are ready. In order to utilize this option, email Jessenia directly making it clear you wish to remain anonymous. 

The foundation and structure of the Group Coaching:

"The internet and Covid have created a lot of division and fed the illusion of separation within the population. An individual is only as strong as their community, and I would like to bring a sense of community back into healing. With that, I'm feeling a strong desire to work with people in a group setting. The need for community continues to surface for guidance from Spirit. As the Divine Feminine rises here on Earth, she brings a thirst for community, connection, and profound conversation around healing. Nothing is off the table — if you have the courage to ask, we will discuss! Sample topics include the Soul, healing, parenting, sexuality, blocks, triggers, fears, past lives and gift use/gift blocks and training. Unfortunately, many of us don’t have the community or connections in our local space to feel safe. It’s time to make our own! I hope you join me."

                                                                                      -Jessenia Nozzolillo

Zoom Etiquette

In order to get the most out of the time we have together, it's important to set some boundaries and expectations.

All participants will enter the Zoom chat and mute their microphones.

- If you have a question, please utilize the "raised hand" feature. 

- The chat is a great place to add confirmation and connect to other group member's stories. This is encouraged and a great way to validate and support group members. Just note that Jessenia will not be responding to the chat live.

- Refrain from interrupting other group members when they have the stage.

- If you have asked a question, please do not ask another unless we have time and Jessenia has opened a new round of questions.

- Try to share the stage. Everyone's voice is important and we encourage everyone to take a turn.

- Group coaching is not an appropriate place for self-promotion although asking questions about finances, your business, productivity or future growth is absolutely allowed. 

- Attendees are asked to refrain from answering the spiritual questions of other attendees for safety issues. 

- No attendees are allowed to record, speak of or reproduce the messages and connections that occur within the group on Zoom in any form for the respect and safety of all members.

If you cannot respect the rules, expect to be removed from the group.

Colleagues Working Together
Families Communicating Via Video Calls

Group Coaching Subscription

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For the group coaching schedule, click here.

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