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Graduates & Verified Readers

Our private Facebook group has over 50k members. Offering free mini reads in a private group is how Jessenia grew her Facebook following and page. But, she won't let just anyone read people on her page. Only students know how very cautious Jessenia is about readings and clean energy exchange – which is why she offers this option to graduates only. If you are not a graduate, please review certification courses first. 

Subscriber privileges include:
- The ability to post one "free mini-readings" post per week with website link and booking information. 

- To be listed as a Verified Reader of the group in the pinned post with a business link (Facebook page or website)

- The ability to share one discount, promotion or offering a month.

Membership is $10.00 USD a month


Apply Today

To enroll, click here. Please note that it is the subscriber's responsibility to end subscription.

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