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Your Weirdness is Your Superpower!

By Jessenia Nozzolillo

This is just a random screenshot from a content video, BUT it’s great for this post.

I’ve noticed the most liberating thing about the healing process is realizing all of the aspects I thought were “weird” about me are actually the things that make me amazing — all the way down to my hair! I was born blonde in a Puerto Rican family, which was a problem with my jealous and abusive father. He beat my mother over it, assuming infidelity, and called me a boy for two years until he had his boy. Caged and judged since birth — shamed by looking the way I did. Many of my babies have beautiful light tones and highlights in their hair. Two have light brown/dirty blond hair, depending on the time of year and season. I have never looked at their hair as a problem. Just a beautiful expression of who they are. Interestingly enough, my hair is usually the first thing people compliment me on!

Less superficially, I have always been awkward, strange, sensitive, emotional, disassociated, distant, overly passionate, obsessed with love and romance, inquisitive, curious, and a non-conformist. That caused me SO MANY PROBLEMS. I was nearly destroyed millions of times over it. I was regularly abused, embarrassed, ignored, humiliated, shunned, ostracized, bullied — all for being me.

Fast-forward to today, people are drawn to my page because I am openly awkward but learned to embrace my individuality and, therefore, support people in expressing their own. Some are pulled to me because I am liberatingly strange in a world where conformity wasn’t working, allowing them the courage to freely express their own strange ideals and thoughts.

Being hyper-sensitive is the foundation of my business and healing modality. Understanding it has allowed me to thrive and support all of you in the process.

Being intensely emotional has allowed me to face my past and heal the trauma I endured, thus leading by example and being unafraid of emotional expression while disrupting the stigma around emotional people.

Where once I was disassociated, now more like connected to Spirit and in a trance, delivering messages from the skies, God, Spirit, Source, our loved ones. Whatever you want to call it — it’s a little bit of all in my perspective.

Distance allows me the ability to take space when needed and evaluate a situation before becoming reactive. My overly passionate nature is the reason I push so hard for healing. Not just for me, but for everyone I love. My obsession with love and romance gives me hope that there will always be something worth living for in this cruel and difficult world. It is my fuel. My inquisitive, curious, and non-conformist nature encourages discussions and questions about shamed and repressed subjects — in turn — liberating us from old paradigms.

The things that were my cage I now recognize as the beautiful qualities and traits I was given to do my job here, and for them, I am so thankful. I just wish little Jessenia knew that sooner. When you are properly loved, your weirdness will never be a limitation, simply an authentic expression of you and Spirit. So if and when you are in a situation where your authentic self isn’t loved, check who you are with. None of us should be forcing anyone else into any type of cage riddled with societal expectations.

Love liberates. Love and nurture the weird. Someday, we’ll all realize that our weirdness was always our greatest superpower.

Copyright Protected Jessenia Nozzolillo 2023

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