You are your Worst Enemy

How do you unlock your full potential?

Self-sabotaging Through Food

Self-sabotaging is the act of self-punishment and self-limitation. We feel UNWORTHY because of some sort of programming in this life (childhood trauma and verbal abuse that said we were not worth it) or through past life traumas where our guilt for a negative action taken toward a loved one keeps us in cycles of self-punishment and self-abuse. We feel like we don’t deserve something because we took that from someone we cared about.

We see self-sabotage in relationships. Essentially a person with trauma goes into a relationship that mirrors the trauma they are USE TO because their own trauma says they don’t deserve any better. When they do find better, they dig for reasons or pick apart the person until that person resembles the person they were comfortable with or leaves.

Self-sabotage happens with money. 75% of people who win the lottery, go bankrupt in a couple years. They are so use to the limitations of poverty that they destroy the money to be back at their comfort level. They hold inner programming that says “I am unworthy of money and don’t know how to keep it in healthy ways so I will destroy all possibilities of money in my future.” We are so use to the programs and self limiting beliefs that keep money and comfort at bay, that we simply reject it when and where it finds itself to us. This can also be found in unnecessary spending and shopping. We are self-sabotaging financial stability by throwing money away trying to fill a void we don’t understand. We will always find a way to reject what we don’t think we are worthy of.

We self-sabotage our emotional development by constantly running from our memories or trauma and blaming others. We essentially are so scared to address our wounds and traumas that we begin to project the trauma outward in negative self-talk, judgment, verbal abuse, blame or in actions such as addiction, eating poorly or sacrifice.

Negative self-talk. Self-abuse in the mental and verbal form. Any kind of negative self-talk is a self-abuse behavior. You will never do better by putting yourself down. Instead, talk yourself up! Reprogram those negative thought patterns by replacing them with 3 positive affirmations every single time they surface in the mind or voice.

Sacrifice. Sacrifice is slow suicide. Giving more then you get in any situation creates imbalance and that imbalance starves the soul while forcing others to fill the void you’ve created. This makes a cycle of inappropriate energetic distribution that can take over a group of people. One person lives through sacrifice giving everything for the ones they love, with all disregard to their own health. Everyone around them has to make up for that sacrifice learning to be fully dependent and compassionless to the sacrificers depletion, or to function and love inappropriately through sacrifice structures themselves because “it’s all they know”. Sacrificial behavior BREEDS narcissists. If you have no limitations, you will raise and attract people who don’t respect your boundaries and energy.

Self-limiting beliefs. These beliefs are a broad spectrum. “I can’t.” “I’m too old.” “I’m not smart enough.” “I’m not beautiful enough.” “I’m not enough...” etc. All of these examples are perspective. What’s old to one person is not old to another. A 4 year old may thing 15 year olds are “old” and a 97 year old may believe 77 year olds are “young”. Understand that most of our beliefs are limited to our experience and in that way highly biased. Train your mind to see more then one perspective and break those limiting beliefs. See your beauty. See your power. Know your worth. Train your mind of limiting beliefs and into possibilities.