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You are your Worst Enemy

How do you unlock your full potential?

Self-sabotaging Through Food

Self-sabotaging is the act of self-punishment and self-limitation. We feel UNWORTHY because of some sort of programming in this life (childhood trauma and verbal abuse that said we were not worth it) or through past life traumas where our guilt for a negative action taken toward a loved one keeps us in cycles of self-punishment and self-abuse. We feel like we don’t deserve something because we took that from someone we cared about.

We see self-sabotage in relationships. Essentially a person with trauma goes into a relationship that mirrors the trauma they are USE TO because their own trauma says they don’t deserve any better. When they do find better, they dig for reasons or pick apart the person until that person resembles the person they were comfortable with or leaves.

Self-sabotage happens with money. 75% of people who win the lottery, go bankrupt in a couple years. They are so use to the limitations of poverty that they destroy the money to be back at their comfort level. They hold inner programming that says “I am unworthy of money and don’t know how to keep it in healthy ways so I will destroy all possibilities of money in my future.” We are so use to the programs and self limiting beliefs that keep money and comfort at bay, that we simply reject it when and where it finds itself to us. This can also be found in unnecessary spending and shopping. We are self-sabotaging financial stability by throwing money away trying to fill a void we don’t understand. We will always find a way to reject what we don’t think we are worthy of.

We self-sabotage our emotional development by constantly running from our memories or trauma and blaming others. We essentially are so scared to address our wounds and traumas that we begin to project the trauma outward in negative self-talk, judgment, verbal abuse, blame or in actions such as addiction, eating poorly or sacrifice.

Negative self-talk. Self-abuse in the mental and verbal form. Any kind of negative self-talk is a self-abuse behavior. You will never do better by putting yourself down. Instead, talk yourself up! Reprogram those negative thought patterns by replacing them with 3 positive affirmations every single time they surface in the mind or voice.

Sacrifice. Sacrifice is slow suicide. Giving more then you get in any situation creates imbalance and that imbalance starves the soul while forcing others to fill the void you’ve created. This makes a cycle of inappropriate energetic distribution that can take over a group of people. One person lives through sacrifice giving everything for the ones they love, with all disregard to their own health. Everyone around them has to make up for that sacrifice learning to be fully dependent and compassionless to the sacrificers depletion, or to function and love inappropriately through sacrifice structures themselves because “it’s all they know”. Sacrificial behavior BREEDS narcissists. If you have no limitations, you will raise and attract people who don’t respect your boundaries and energy.

Self-limiting beliefs. These beliefs are a broad spectrum. “I can’t.” “I’m too old.” “I’m not smart enough.” “I’m not beautiful enough.” “I’m not enough...” etc. All of these examples are perspective. What’s old to one person is not old to another. A 4 year old may thing 15 year olds are “old” and a 97 year old may believe 77 year olds are “young”. Understand that most of our beliefs are limited to our experience and in that way highly biased. Train your mind to see more then one perspective and break those limiting beliefs. See your beauty. See your power. Know your worth. Train your mind of limiting beliefs and into possibilities.

Obedience. Obedience is the inability to do what’s best for YOU because you have a fear of punishment or creating some kind of stir. You are feeding into the self-limiting belief that you have a master and that master decides your worth, life, and limitations. Take your power back. The only one in the position to tell you what you are worth and what’s good for you is YOU. Never give that power to anyone. Obedience is a big one here in America. Many people stay in abusive relationships because they don’t want to break societal norms on “marriages” “family” “blood ties”. This is a programmed obedience structure. You own no one loyalty. Loyalty is earned.

But we rarely talk about how we self-sabotage through food. Self-love IS self-care. If you love yourself, you refuse to choose things that are bad for you. But most of us truly don’t love ourselves or our body. We reject it because society has truly PROGRAMED it in us. Most of us are born and raised thinking we are never enough physically. Too fat/old/gray/ugly whatever it is! This is of corse a marketing scheme. If you hate yourself, you would pay anything to change yourself. Diversion to the real issue, lack of self-love and self-worth. It’s also an abusive structure. Abusive relationships will always have one person who wants the other person to believe they are never enough so that they never realize they are “good enough” to leave. The abuser is insecure and feels that if the person knew their worth, they would simply walk away. But the abused is not a victim either. They allow the abuse because they don’t value their own body/energy/life either. Self-sabotage. This is why the world is overwhelmed with poor relationship structures, breakups, jealousy and hyper dependent relationships. Instead of healing, we blame the abuser or abused. We have gotten so use to avoiding healing and instead of facing the trauma that created the behavior, we project the trauma and bleed on people who didn’t cut us. If you healed your insecurities, you wouldn’t be jealous and think you weren’t good enough for your partner. You wouldn’t verbally, mentally, emotionally or physically abuse them in the hopes that they would be too scared to leave. You would instead empower, nurture, support, reflect and grow together. Same for the abused. If you knew your worth, if you loved yourself, if you made yourself a priority, you would have never allowed that relationship to begin with. You would have walked out at the first sign of abuse. Your energy would repulse that kind of behavior because there is NO RECEPTOR for it or self-sabotaging structure that would keep you there.

This is why so many of us suffer energetic wounds and cannot heal. We are so busy hating ourselves that we simply can’t see the triggers as self-reflective blocks. We can’t see the power we have. We don’t see the need to free ourselves and our divinity. An abusive relationship with yourself allows abusive structures in your environment. You allow yourself to be disrespected, controlled, lied to, taken advantage of, limited, criticized, cheated on, neglected, ignored BECAUSE YOU TREAT YOURSELF THE SAME WAY. Whether it’s questioning yourself constantly, never saying “no” even when needed, killing yourself with foods and bad habits, not sleeping well, obsessing over makeup, beauty products and “looking your best” YOU are telling YOUR BODY AND SELF that there is something wrong with you. You are telling yourself that you are “not worth it” “don’t need it” “aren’t a priority” and simply “aren’t enough”.

So now let’s move into food. Humans love food. The physical and almost instant gratification of food has pushed the world into sugar addictions, junk food addictions, obesity. Most of us don’t care where our food even comes from anymore, as long as it taste good and fills the belly. This is one of THE MOST self-sabotaging structures we all endure in our human lives. Especially now in this time, day and age.

Everything is energy. The energy you choose to place inside of your body matters. That energy FEEDS every cell of your body or toxifies and destroys cells in your body. If you are not healing then you are destroying. That food is literally you. It becomes you. It is fuel. Someone who is unhealed (keep in mind most of us are “unhealed” as we’ve had 300-700 lives here on Earth and that leaves space for a lot of trauma) will naturally choose foods that destroy or limit them. They have been trained into self-destructive patterns, don’t value their life or body and don’t think they are worthy of healing or being in their full potential, so they eat for instant gratification and destruction, not for nutrition or stability. They eat to be full. Or don’t eat at all. This can present itself many ways. Your food not only creates your physical body, it is your fuel. Proper nutrition can make you happier, smarter, quicker. Proper nutrition will give you clarity and energy. Improper nutrition will ruin your day, keep you up all night, ruin your sleep patterns, make it hard to wake up, feeds depression and disease. How are you suppose to be the best version of yourself, if your nutrition isn’t your priority? It’s impossible. If you have a choice, use that choice for healthy decisions.

As a mother of 4 I remember being pregnant with my 3rd child and I would go 2-3 days without real meal. I just forgot. I was 6 months pregnant at the time. The baby would take what it needed and I would simply starve myself. My health, mental, emotional, physical health was NOT a priority at the time. If didn’t even know what self-love was. It was easy for me to cast my health nutritional needs and body aside. It didn’t matter. I saw no value in it. If I die, I die. Looking back I see a women who was suffering greatly. Felt unworthy, never enough, rejected and too big. Now- I have found ways to make my health, energy, evolution, mental peace, emotional growth, self-care a priority. I have decided that my children DESERVE to see the power self-love has in giving us the best opportunities available to us at any given point.

Self-love does in fact give un the ability to break through ALL self-limiting and self-sabotaging beliefs. When we believe we are worthy, there is very little we will let people project, force and vomit on us in terms of limitations and abuse. We simply recognize the wound is within them and their own inability to heal those structures I once avoided and was blind too.

Now that you can recognize these issues and patterns, DO NOT LET YOUR CHOICES BE LED BY SELF-SABOTAGE, choose instead to be led by self-love. Nurture. Nourish. Protect. Heal, face your traumas and wounds. Steer free from blame, judgment, negative self talk and CHANGE YOUR LIFE completely. When you find yourself dealing with these issues, remind yourself that everyone, including you is worthy of forgiveness, love and healing. Everyone is worthy of another chance. Everyone is worthy of redemption. Forgive yourself and abolish the patterns and behaviors YOU put in place to abuse, limit and punish you based on the past. Let yourself be freed and reborn.

Copyright © Protected 2020 Jessenia Nozzolillo the New England Psychic Medium Soul Architect

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