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You are a divine, gifted being.

By, Jessenia Nozzolillo

What are spiritual gifts?

Your gifts are located deep in your chakra centers as stored information that guides you through the process of how you interpret energy in your environment for the assistance of the collective. It is called a gift because you can use the process to assist another.

Everyone has gifts, but not everyone can access them. Our gifts are a part of our chakra centers—each chakra housing a building block to a whole gift or a master gift in itself. If you have a lot of trauma in that chakra, it will suffocate the gift, and your higher-self will then mute the gift to keep you safe here in your physical expression. Trauma means misfiring energy. Misfiring energy through the gift structure is only amplified and, therefore, dangerous for the gifted and for anyone around them, being uncontrollable and inaccurate. No one wants that. Most people here currently on Earth have had 300-700 lives. If you have a lot of trauma in those lives, then healing them may be your only goal in this expression and existence as it prepares us best for what’s to come. This existence's primary goal is, in fact, healing. Some of us also choose to take on lives void of gifts so that we may put all of our energy into our physical expression and purpose. This is very rare, especially right now, as we are in the process of birthing the spiritual golden age, but it can occur. The spiritual golden age is a time where we will stop trauma patterns in their tracks, healing children heal mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually right from the beginning, which creates less pain transfer on Earth and more focus on our purpose and goals. It is the birth of a new kind of living. We all have a purpose in this process, or we wouldn’t be here!

Intuition is not a gift. Everyone has access to their intuition, although it can also be blocked by trauma and a survival mindset. Intuition is our connection to our own higher-self or master soul. We are a fragment of a whole. This is how/why we take on multidimensional experiences, meaning we can be in many places simultaneously. This also allows our incarnations to overlap, coexists, and haunt. Overlapping lives usually don’t live in the same area. Usually, they don’t cross one another as it defeats the purpose of a multidimensional experience if we are living the same life in the same area.

Many of us globally are misusing gifts, not even knowing that we are gifted. There are mental/emotional disorders that cause the body, mind, and spirit to a malfunction that are not gifts but instead reflections of trauma. I note this because misdiagnosing a trauma symptom as a gift could cause someone a lot of harm. I am not claiming to be a doctor and absolutely not giving medical advice. Please follow the advice of a medical professional in guidance to your own mental and physical health. But, I am saying that understanding gifts helps us better understand what is going on with our bodies and energy. It helps us awaken the power we have within and helps us feel closer to our soul, more purposeful here on Earth. Managing those gifts appropriately will naturally help us feel better, healthier, and more protected.

Many people assume that gifts are based on the psychic medium titles, and that is it. They even confuse titles of gifts and how they function. But gifts are extremely varied and range from energy interpretation, healing, visual to musician, artist, and animal communicator! The combinations are endless! I have never found two beings exactly the same in composition. Open gift use and amplification is a newer thing on Earth. So misinformation was created as the gifted were hushed, killed, repressed, and tormented for their abilities. It was 1, very hard for us to step back out into our power but 2, develop our gifts enough to separate and distinguish the differences in them by comparison. My soul mission on this Earth is to help people open up, activate, and manage their gifts, reconnecting to their divinity through a process of deep soul healing, repairing the soul structure and past lives, using all that “leaked” energy to rewire the soul into amplified gift use. Then training people on it. So I see how each gift is expressed through the chakras and soul form. Our soul of from, how many incarnations we have had, how we are built, what blocks we carry, are all significant parts of the story to our gift use and development. These are all major players to the puzzle. I could train psychic abilities in someone all day. But if their soul and gift structure aren’t programmed for it, then they will never tap into that ability or understand it.

Understanding this helps us embrace our own authenticity. Understanding your gifts and focusing on them is very powerful and limitless. Feeding the gifts that do exist, using them correctly, practicing proper energetic protection, and transfer will only keep your gifts evolving! It’s a never-ending process of evolution and expression. In this way, psychic gifts might develop because we properly evolved and developed the gifts we have and have now expanded onto the next level!

Ego in gifts will suffocate gifts. Because we are just stepping into the dawn of the spiritual golden age, many people activate their own gifts and step into Ego, feeling like it is a rarity to function as they do when it is, in fact, not. We are all gifted and unique. There is no ego needed. It is not a power that elevates you above the rest. It is a power you activate to help others elevate into their purpose and gifts for the collective evolution as a whole. We are all in the same boat here. We are all equal, and we will only accomplish this mission when we recognize the necessity for all beings to be in their full power. Not just a handful or few.

Conscious awareness of the gift structure helps us properly amplify and evolve that gift. I like to explain this as a new electronic device. If you never read the manual, you will never know how much that Device will accomplish, and you will never use it to its full potential. But when you read the manual, you’ll see that it’s capable of far more than you ever imagined! And therefore, you do much more with your divorce than someone who could never figure out where the power button was. Step two in continued amplification and development of the gift structure is proper to use and maintenance. Without this understanding, you will pollute your energy while using your gifts which leads to more trauma and an eventual shut down of the gifts for the user's best interest and safety. Spirit gave you the engine. But if you do not know how to maintain and repair the engine, your engine will burn out quickly and dangerously. This is also why I get the best results with gift amplification and activation in my own clients. Their spirit team knows I don’t activate gifts without following the process. I teach. I guide. I help protect and clear. I help people understand what it is they have and the side effects of improper use. We are unlikely to have as many dangers arise when we have all the tools available to us since the beginning.

Gifts are not an anomaly. The anomaly is how many people are willing to put in the work and effort to uncover, amplify and use their gifts. As powerful as we have the potential to be, it is only potential — unless you decide you are ready!

This is the purpose of the Akashic reports and spiritual development class on my website. This is the goal.

Copyright Protected Jessenia Nozzolillo 2021

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