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Why can't we remember?

By Jessenia Nozzolillo

One of my first questions to Spirit was,

“Why can't we remember?”

Although I didn't really know what I was asking to remember at that time, I just knew there was something I seemed to have lost along the way. I had always felt lost, displaced, confused, and like I didn't belong. I felt like there was a gigantic bubble above my head holding back everything that was me. And it felt like I wasn't allowed to pop it and see myself for who I truly was.

They had always said, “The density here makes it hard to remember. Makes it hard to connect. Earth is one of the densest incarnations known to Spirit.”

Now, looking back at the journey, it makes perfect sense. Remembering could have and does destroy if not done with caution. What I didn't realize then was that remembering who I was would mean surfacing every experience that shaped me through all of these lifetimes: the good and the bad. The small little me asking that question was having a hard time managing the experiences in this life, never mind ALL lives on one of the densest incarnations! The stronger I got, the more I was allowed to remember. It slowly started making sense and who I was started becoming clearer. With each memory I healed and repaired, I was given ten more.

Great stories of love, ended with great loss. Bravery only possible where fear existed. Courage because wars were fought. I found me in the challenges I overcame. And those challenges can be painful to remember.

Before you know it, you’re standing on a mountain of memories. Only then do you remember that what you were seeking isn't an object at all. It's a fluid 5th-dimensional database of experiences that is forever changing, learning, and growing—your soul.

This brings me to the original question...

Why can't we remember?

We can. Most of us just don't have the courage to see what we are truly made of, the good and the bad. Most of us are afraid to be crushed under the pain of the past. Most of us thrive in forgetting because the forgetting feels safe.

Let this be the year you are courageous enough to remember.


Copyright Protected Jessenia Nozzolillo 2023

Image quote by Carl Jung

Art: Mysterious Garden by @kinukoycraft_official

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