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Who Was Mary Magdalene?

Mary Magdalene was an orphaned child and one of the children Jesus “took in” during his youth to give him a better chance at life. Children he whole heartedly referred to as his brothers and sisters.

She was what he would call a sister and best friend. They were very close and related on many levels. She fell in love with him and wanted a life and children with him. He did not want sexual relationships with anyone because of the way he was raised (by celibate parents who were wholly devoted to his mission). He saw sex as a distraction to his cause but also as an anxiety-inducing action knowing how highly the world thought of him and his hard it would be to meet those expectations in such a vulnerable way.

She tried to distract herself with other men, feeling like it would trigger a defensive response in Jesus and make him want to claim her as his own. But every time it didn’t work, she felt more lost and heartbroken. She eventually became pregnant and was unwed, feeling like she would never marry anyone who wasn’t Jesus. She was left as a single unwed mother, which was seen as disgraceful, disgusting, and low on the social scale. Jesus continued to love her dearly and support her. He helped her raise her children and was there for her, but they never had a relationship beyond deep friendship. He just wasn’t there for that.

Jesus's life has been coming to me in fragments from those who loved him dearly and even betrayed him. It’s quite fascinating to see how others so close to him viewed him and what they regret about their encounters.

There were a lot of rumors that Jesus had fathered her children because of his close, loving relationship and his defense of her; they were best friends. But also because he ended up helping her raise them out of compassion. But that was nothing but hearsay and the judgment of others and town gossip.

I heal. My job is to work with people to heal their traumatize fragments in whatever reality or time they occurred. I never make assumptions about people. I wait for them to find me, and I listen to their story. They are coming to me for healing, so I hear their greatest and traumas of that life. Being an orphaned girl suffering major abandonment wounds and rejection at a very young age, she felt like Jesus was not just her best friend but her savior. He was just a boy at the time, but he knew she was worthy of a better life. She quickly fell in love with him for that, and he loved her dearly but not in a way that would lead to a sexual relationship as he had reasons for not wanting to partake in sexual relationships.

The trauma here was feeling rejected by the man she loved and then searching for healing in the wrong places, then feeling “trapped” and judged by the consequences of her actions as a women, mother, and spiritual teacher. She worked right by Jesus's side, was just as informational, transformational, and aware but was shut down because of her sexual history and children.

This creates wounds in relationships, but also fear of expression, a battered self-esteem, and fear of stepping into your power.

She didn’t share her other accomplishments and life because that wasn’t the purpose of the session, but I know that a lot happened before and after this moment in time. But this is what she specifically asked me to help her release and heal.

This information was channeled from Mary Magdalene herself by me.

Copyright © protected Jessenia Nozzolillo 2021

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