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Who Killed Jesus?

By Jessenia Nozzolillo

Who was responsible for leading the crucifiction of Jesus? I have never really considered the storyline because my only job and purpose in my work is to share the stories straight out of the mouths of those who directly lived the life. So I didn’t try to make sense of what they were saying. I just took it for face value and shared it word for word as I would any other story that was not directly my perspective or vision to interpret. That’s the danger we have been in. Inaccurate depictions based on what we were told to believe, wanted to believe or stories altered in bias leading us to misinformation.

When I read past lives, I channel the people who lived the life. They are much like you and me sharing their perspective and interpretation of events. Even if I had lived the life myself, my interpretation would be based on my knowledge, mindset, and personal emotions, memory and perspective. Very different than someone living in the same time and place. Imagine your child’s interpretation of their life vs. yours. Very different stories, yet both true. So it’s important to note that all of these messages presented by anyone whether they were channeled, downloaded, prophesied, or seen are in fact interpretations of a living entities’ memories. Much like the history or the written word, a story as perceived by the writer.

Virgin Mary, in her channeled story found in my book, “Creation,” told me about a man, Solomon, who used religion as a way to manipulate and control his people, even claiming to control demonic entities for his will. She shared that his actions were the eventual downfall of Jesus as the churches began seeing Jesus as a threat to the system, even banning him from the churches. She had mentioned King Solomon had a small province at the edge of a cliff where he ruled over a small village in the middle of nowhere. She said he was a cruel man who believed he was the most powerful man in the world, (even if his world was small). His home is a place that she, Jesus and his followers stayed to rest on their journey.

I think this is fascinating because there seems to be a shift in time here where “King Solomon” wasn’t alive at the same time of Jesus in the Bible, yet the stories seem connected.

It got me to thinking a couple theories…

I had a list of theories up and running and then Spirit interrupted, “Just ask Mary herself!”


So I did. She seemed offended, and I get that. Who better to clarify her story, than her. It just isn’t mine to tell, theorize about, or alter in any way.

She said, “He called himself King Solomon! He was not the first or the last with the name. The worst punishment anyone could give was to completely erase you from history. Your temples, buildings, works of art gone. Your name and story disappeared from the vocabulary of others. It was a punishment like no other. When people had realized what he did in his arrogance, he was erased. No one would even speak his name or story again. Power was what he wanted and the people would not give him that power to honor the memory and work of Jesus.

The Bible says a lot of very confusing things humans believed, like a virgin woman birthing a boy. I understand that story. I have already shared my pain in that. I have been honest and true (a big wound for her which also explains why this was painful to have to clarify for her). He was a Solomon, but like many names they don’t just belong to one.”

For the rest of her story, read my book—CREATION.

Copyright Protected Jessenia Nozzolillo 2022

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