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What will 2022 bring?

By Jessenia Nozzolillo


Every year spirit gives me a word, and they explain that word as it presents to our collective mission. Here is that channeled message for us all.

“2022 is about remaining in gratitude. The upcoming changes will not always feel easy, manageable, or great. They come in under the illusion of impossibility made to scare you into backing down. But, as you have always done, you will persevere and work through it. You will find yourself standing champion over your struggles. At that moment, you again drown in the depths of gratitude. It overwhelms you, reminding you of how capable you are—nurturing the wounds created on the journey to your higher self and highest good. No evil or hardship can puncture the peace in this ultimate gratitude. It will be a space of salvation you carry with you deep in your heart. Unbreakable.

Gratitude isn’t just the space of completion. It will become a lifestyle. Be thankful. Not just for the things you have accomplished, but because you are here. You have survived the most difficult experiences known to humanity and have said goodbye to loved ones along the way, yet you persevere and remain hopeful. Why? Because somewhere deep in your intuitive connection to your plan, you recognize just how powerful and necessary this work is. You realize we are not simply existing but resisting anything that no longer supports collective growth and evolution. You are not just struggling; you are entirely rebuilding this existence for all the souls who wish to incarnate here in the future. You are not just living; you are unstoppable change.

You are the beginning of the legacy and story of how light overcame darkness for the rest of humanity. This is our chronicle of the most ancient story ever told. The “war” between “good” vs. “evil” and you are the main character. We will succeed in bringing compassion, soul, freedom, and gifts back to Earth. We will succeed in awakening the compassion across humanity. You will see the warrior you are and the strength it took to be present here for those who could not be. We are not victims. We are soldiers of light, and in gratitude, we will find success.”

Art by unknown

Happy new year.

Copyright ©️ Protected Jessenia Nozzolillo

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