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What is a Kundalini awakening?

Your chakras are the energies of your experiences filed in a soul to-body program that sorts the memories of your experiences in a way it makes sense (by themes) and can be easily retrieved.

Each chakra behaves like an onion, each life creating a new onion layer with the memories of the experience. If we’ve had 300 lives, then we have 300 layers. Disruption to that layer will affect the surface energy of the chakras creating blockages and disturbances. The chakras feed each other like a stream; they flow. All connected. A blockage to one will disrupt the proper energetic flow to the others.

Most people are unaware of how to dig deep enough to clear 300 layers, and like any other system here, we would never take on 300 lives at once. It’s dangerous. Too overwhelming to the body.

In my system, I slowly begin clearing the most aggressive traumas realigning the chakra system's disturbed layers. That amplifies energy flow within all chakras. Eventually, you get so clear that the force of the energy flow will start forcing out the smaller traumas—root to crown.

Many people view this as the kundalini awakening. It can hurt, cause emotional highs and lows; past life memories will surface, energy can tingle and burn through your body. This doesn’t mean we are done! This really is just the beginning. If we don’t know what to do with all of these feelings, energies, and emotions, we can create more trauma in the process, disrupting healing.

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