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By Jessenia Nozzolillo

I have helped people die, and it was a privilege, even honor, to think I was chosen for such a profound moment in someone's life.

Let me explain…

I had a client who hired me to ensure she was not alone when crossing over. I didn’t know before! She chose this and booked sessions accordingly, intentionally avoiding the subject, only admitting it to me one week before she was ready. At that point, she knew she was getting weaker and was prepared to lean on me. She didn’t want me to see her illness, so she intentionally avoided it. But when she was ready, she wanted me to explain what it would be like to let go, say goodbye, and find peace. She wanted to make sure she was doing things right. She was so tired of suffering. Above all, she was so scared to be alone.

It broke my heart. I cried for hours that day. A woman I would never meet in person trusted me with the most important part of her life, peace in departing it. I took her session money and planted a grove of trees in her honor.

I had another terminally ill client years ago that needed help alleviating pain and discomfort while she waited her turn to pass. She was very clear she didn’t want to heal, didn’t want to change fate, and simply wanted to reduce the pain. Nothing and no medicine worked anymore. She insisted she pay and just wanted me to clear her energy. So I did. I connected remotely, cleared her, filled her with love, sent her the beautiful, peaceful messages from spirit, and she was gone. She found God.

Recently, someone wanted me to check on the mental/emotional state of a parent. The parent had been struggling for some time. She was ready to leave but just barely clinging on to life. She just wanted to make sure she was ok. I connected to the woman and found out she was trapped and debilitated by her fear of death. She wanted to leave. She was in pain. Her body was failing her. She was so scared. But she simply couldn’t leave. Her soul was terrified.

I went in and helped her find peace. We spoke about the process. I even took her on a “field trip” to heaven, where she could see it all herself.

At that point, she was absolutely relieved. She realized she was ready and told me she would be permanently leaving her body soon that she craved peace more than anything. She thanked me for my time preparing for her departure from Earth.

I’ve helped people die. I gave them a hand when they thought no one would. I walked them through the scariest part of their illness, life, and pain. I showed them what it might be like so they could release their fears and choose.

I heard a quote one day that said, “Grief is selfish. The more we needed that person, the more we grieve.” I thought that was so disgusting then. Couldn’t grief just be love? But now I see what they mean. Love means having the strength to do what’s best for your loved one OUTSIDE of your wants and needs. This means respecting their wishes, respecting their free will. Understanding that what YOU want/ need/ believe isn’t more important than anyone else’s wants, needs, and beliefs of their own life! As much as we selfishly want to think we know better for them and cannot imagine life without them, this is their life.

Humans cling to life because it is all they know. Spirit clings to love because it’s all that is. They are two very different experiences. Souls are infinite. As hard as it is to say goodbye to your loved ones, it is so important to recognize that goodbye is an illusion and this life is but a spec in them all.

You will love again, and still. You will hold them again. You will hear them again. You will see them again. They are here with you walking amongst us, waiting for you, patiently. They are lovingly admiring your decisions, personality, and life, appreciating every minute. Waiting for the moment, they will be able to discuss it all with you once again.

Saying goodbye to the version of them you have gotten accustomed to knowing here in this life is so hard. But it’s not the hardest part. Suffering is. They deserve peace too.

If you are missing your deceased loved one today, just remember they are happy and watching over you, waiting to hold you again. I promise.


Copyright ©️ Jessenia Nozzolillo 2022

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