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Welcome to New Earth

Spiritual gifts of Corona

We stumble across toxic patterns when we refuse to face our wounds. If we refuse to face our wounds, we will project them onto anyone and everyone who will make space for them. We also do this as a food source. We project trauma on to others to incite a reaction. A reaction is an energy given back, energetic food. As long as something is feeding us, we will not look for alternative food sources.

Most people on Earth have anywhere from 300 to 700 lives here on Earth. Think about how many traumas you faced in this life and multiply it by the minimum here in our range of lives. That is a lot of trauma, hence. Every trauma we carry creates a wound in our energetic field. After a while, we lose trust in the world and our connection to Earth. That creates a rejection of Earth's energy. A rejection will result in self-sabotaging behavior. We will treat the world as poorly as we treat ourselves, so we also begin sharing our pain with the world. Energy is contagious. We conduct what we are. If you have trauma, you will naturally conduct it, creating more trauma in others—an endless cycle. Someone who self-sabotages will also sabotage other's growth and the Earth's healing. Welcome to Earth up until now. Self-destructive and globally destructive beings are confused about their spirit and lost when it comes to healing and health.

Trauma with past lives will affect our connection to spirit because we carry so much pain and suffering that it drowns out our connection to the higher-self. In this state of mind, we may blame spirit for their lack of control. It may feel like this world is a horrible place and clearly has no involvement with a “higher power” outside of punishment. So people lose hope, and in that loss, they forget who they were before the pain set in. They forget where they came from.

Because of this minimal connection, we learn to accept minimal guidance from spirit as either amazing and rare or as a hoax altogether. Most people simply don’t have a strong enough connection to combat their own biases and pain. Or enough clarity to defend their stance with substantial information. This adds to the confusion. No one can truly guide or share information on healing if most of the population is skeptical or projecting. In this context, spirituality turns into something that is unsustainable and non-scientific, meaning results are not recreated without flaw—because we don’t yet fully understand. Our pain creates disconnection, not spirituality. Spirituality is as scientific as a ruler. We simply don’t have the tools to comprehend it in this state fully. So we, as a population, see “magic, perspective, sorcery, mental illness, weirdos” instead of seeing what is; an attempt at spiritual-based living.

This creates quite a disastrous concoction. Lifetimes of trauma, plus disconnection from our energetic and spiritual energy sources, plus no real way to heal them, equal; the Earth today. A complex misfire of toxic relationships, explosive, aggressive people, seeking drama and energy through other reactions, materialism, disconnection, and even more limitation.

That’s where we have been for centuries now. Centuries!

Corona kept people from each other. This meant that we would all have less options in projection and avoidance. That also meant we had more time to ourselves to realize what our patterns that need addressing and, thus, our traumas surfacing—something we actually can control and, therefore, repair. When you have no one else to blame, you eventually look inside and ask yourself why you don’t like your own company. Corona also requested us to disconnect from the material, prioritizing our funds. We were also asked to spend more time with our children. That encouraged us to meet each other all over again and see the patterns of our trauma, rubbing off on them. Inspiration to get to the root of the issue. It encouraged empathy between generations because even if you weren’t at risk, you knew that staying home could help someone else stay safe longer. It encouraged us to face our past life trauma, corona being a major trigger for any life anyone died of illness or faced panic. We are pulling up all of that pain to refragment our soul for full expression.

So this was a massive opportunity for self-repair. We are forced to disconnect from outside influences, forced to face our traumas, forced to spend time with those dependent on us. Forced to recognize the patterns we established in our homes and forced to release unnecessary material habits and forced to see the value in life, but also the repercussions of a careless life waisted, forced to value our loved ones. In a sense, we are rebuilding spiritually. This created a massive wave of awakening. Those who were stubbornly avoiding the shift have realized somethings are simply unavoidable. They are now uncomfortable enough to question reality.

What’s next? Understanding your energy enough to continue this and heal the world. Restructuring the government to support a life made for growth, not toxicity and control. Creating a system of training, teaching, healing, and awareness that will live on for centuries birthing a new reality. One where we have the tools for healing and self-awareness. A reality where spirit is just as grounded as life and science. A life where we see the pain but no longer react. A place where projection is clear and a thing of the past. A place where materialism and control is no longer worshipped as “most high” but as an abuse program.

Welcome to New Earth.

copyright protected Jessenia Nozzolillo 2020

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