by Jessenia Nozzolillo

In the Akashkc Records, soul records and encyclopedia, a twin-flame is a soul-level relationship of 300 or more lives centered in love, passion, and romantic relationships. This partner would not be able to play with a friend, co-worker, or family member. The magnetism is too strong, and it would be hard to keep a platonic relationship unless the relationship exploded and ended before the “friendship.” The friendship likely still very difficult to maintain. Or, as in other cases, both sides agreed to not activate the twin-flame dynamic in this lifetime because of the extreme toxicity in the connection.

The twin-flame union is the activation of the memories. This usually happens in the physical presence of the lesser sensitive souls, which means physical touch. This also means that we are not likely accidentally activating unions with people across the world, if that was not the life plan. More sensitive and very aware souls only need to know the person to activate the memories. Past life memory recall will create a solid pull/bond, and the souls will then have to decide to activate the label connected to the memories but can choose to repress the bond, not igniting the label or switch.

This is a soul-level choice knowing the connection is not favorable and essentially could become dangerous or toxic for the parties involved. In a case like this, the memories of the connection could remain muted to save both parties' from unnecessary pain. This could also means we forget who we were for those lifetimes. The memory being muted would affect not only the relationship bond but also the experiences, memories, lessons, growth, and challenges within the bond which is why we don’t like to mute the connection. This would be a worst-case scenario.

Twin-flame toxicity is quite common! People with that many lives together also have strong patterns with one another over the lifetimes, which means, if there were a strong pattern of infidelity, that distrust would resound deeply within the activated dynamic, creating intense jealousy and insecurity even if it’s not grounded in this life. That may not be easy to manage in a healthy manner without understanding what is happening or how the twin-flame dynamic works. This can quickly escalates to toxic patterns like abuse, manipulation, jealousy, victim mindset, insecurity, and so forth.

Twin-flames have to be treated as a flame. This means both partners take turns giving. Give and pull back. Wait for your partner to give in return. The second you “take your partner's place,” giving when they should, they pull away. Your actions are direct reflections of their avoidance. They are balancing aspects of each other. Opposites in many ways! How does that work? If you take on all the responsibility, the partner will pull away and be more distant. A natural reflection that you are not letting your partner be needed in the dynamic and calling your partner home for service through action. In a flame union, one SHOULD look within and say, “I’m having a hard time letting myself be helped or supported. Where did this begin? What’s the underlying trauma and belief system that keeps me in this pattern? How can we fix this?” Most couples don’t realize this dynamic, so when they feel their partner “pull away” while they are drowning in responsibilities, they tend to blame the partner. “This is your fault. Where are you? Why aren’t you helping or doing more your not being the person I need?” We get to a place of blame, and blame fuels more blame through self-defense responses. In this dynamic, twin-flames can become explosive and toxic. This is really common in a twin-flame connection because most people don't understand the relationship dynamic and how to dive into it., heal it, work with it. Just understand that your partner's actions are a direct reflection of yours, and if for some reason this gets toxic, no one should take any abuse from anyone regardless of the soul level dynamic.

A twin-flame is the soul on Earth that will know you the most. They have experienced the most fragments of your past and current lives and understand you deeply. It is not you, but when it comes to soul level database they are the closest reflection of you. That can be very addictive and powerful to the human who feels unseen or the soul who feels infinite and without an anchor.

A twin-flames purpose is that of a reflective mirror and unity. The one being that can and will always be bonded to you at soul level as a reflective mirror, someone to house your memories in case you should lose them. A reflective database. They do not have to be of the same soul group. In fact, most people choose a twin-flame in another soul gro