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Toxic. What's it mean?

Ever wonder why people are toxic? We’ve all been toxic. Toxic to the world, ourselves, and yes, at times, others. But why?

Our bodies are of Earthy expression. That means a grounded connection is necessary for our health. We are also spirit bodies. This means our connection to spirit is also essential.

We currently live in a reality where spiritual connections are rare. Earth is a very dense reality, one of the densest inhabitable realities known to spirit. As a side effect of that density, we have issues connecting to our spirit. We can get lost in the material world. Most of us lack respect for our Earth. We use single-use plastics, don’t recycle, abuse oil and toxins that continue to pollute our air. Anything terrible for Earth is also bad for the vessel created of Earth, so we are also slowly destroying our bodies. The disconnection can explain this self-sabotaging, or toxic behavior we feel to ourselves—very little connection to spirit and no connection to our bodies.

When we are disconnected from our natural elements, we pull in toxic aspects as a food source. This can look like obsessive focus on appearance, addiction plastic surgery and Botox, obsession with drama, blaming others, pulling others into your drama, passive-aggressive behavior, judgment, criticism, forcing your opinions on others, micromanaging others lives, manipulation, lies, not being able to be happy for others, attention-seeking behavior, needing to be the center of attention, the list goes on and on. Essentially the more disconnected we are, the more symptoms we carry.

The longer we stay ”disconnected,” the more wounds we create not only in this life, but in past lives. Those wounds become so overwhelming and difficult to bear that most people AVOID facing them in fearing the consequences of having such pain. A lot of the past life work I do on clients is centered around visiting these traumas to establish a strong connection once again.

As much as you want to throw around the word “toxic,” understand we have all been there. Instead, work to heal your connection to Earth and Spirit.

copyright protected 2020 Jessenia Nozzolillo

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