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The war on the LGTBQ+ Community

By Jessenia Nozzolillo

I just had a series of trauma come up with the LGBTQ+ theme for a client, and I was fascinated with the soul-level lessons.

What is the purpose of coming in and loving the same gender?

Let me explain some of the soul-level lessons.

Our job on Earth is to learn to love FULLY. Without limitations, judgments, expectations, phobias, fears, expectations, PERIOD. All of those are a limitation to the pure expression of love. All of the examples above are a reflection of trauma.

In a world where we were taught to hate, judge, and shame those who didn’t abide by basic heterosexual relationships, we were then given a soul-level challenge to combat it and flood the world with enough people who resonated to the challenge so they could show the population love has no bounds. Gay people have always existed! LOVE IS LOVE. SOULS DO NOT HAVE GENITALS. SO THEY DO NOT WITHDRAW LOVE BECAUSE OF NONEXISTENT GENITALS AND THEREFORE DO NOT CARE HOW HUMANS USE THEIRS IN ADULT LOVING CONSENSUAL RELATIONSHIPS. But humans weren’t always courageous enough to show it because they knew they would not be accepted, making it hard to develop statistical evidence to support the population. Meaning, instead of accumulating facts, we would have the rare occurrence of someone “coming out,” which resulted in gossip, drama, and shame for the rare few who were courageous enough to come forward. This made it easier to see them as an anomaly to the population making up wild accusations like they are demonic, they are witches, they worship the Devil, they are the product of broken homes, they are what happens if you are too kind to your son, this is what happens when you let your daughter play with cars, this is what happens when you let your son play with dolls… on and on and on. We’ve heard them all. Now we have judgment, shame, fear, and limitations blocking the full expression of love all connected to this fear put on against the LGTBQ+ population, AND THEIR PARENTS making them feel like they failed their children for creating this anomaly.

In ancient cultures, this was not the case. Many people were openly gender fluid from Ancient Greece, Rome, Ancient Egypt, the Vikings, and even in many Native American cultures. It was simply a way of life. The Vikings were also polygamous! They found it useful to have many parents in one home to fight harsher times and weather, having more people provide for the children and therefore helping survival rates. Now, this doesn’t mean ALL couples accepted this way of life! Just that it was openly accepted for those, who chose to live this way as it made sense to them.

SO WHEN DID THINGS CHANGE? During Jesus's lifetime, many people chose abstinence to avoid unwanted pregnancies and illness. Jesus himself was raised in a home where his parents never had sex with one another, and he chose to stay celibate and a virgin. His father actually could not have sex physically, so it wasn’t a choice for him. A deformity took his organ function from him, and he didn’t notice until he was married that it simply was not possible. So, Jesus was raised in a home where this type of affection and action was never a thing, and therefore he was not comfortable with it. His parents devoted their time to him. They all shared a bed, they all spent every moment together, and they were always there for him. So he felt fully loved and didn’t know where sex would ever fit into the picture of a perfect family, therefor never really saw the necessity.

Jesus began his mission to “save the world from itself” at 8! This was when he started his journey on foot to teach, guide, meet people and share the word of God. Their abstinence as a family was confused with their mission. He was, after all, known for the story of his miraculous conception as people believed he was born to a virgin. As people began admiring them and their work, way of life, courage, devotion to God, they noticed their behavior and ways. So their abstinence was now confused with their personalities and views and why they were so pure, kind, loving, and concerned for the world—even seeing it as to why they were “chosen by God” to tell his story. Unlike everyone else, they were not distracted by their genitals, relationships, obsessed with bodies, over-sexualized minds, rape, abuse, and cheating. Lee in mind at this time people could go to a pub and have sex right on the table with a stranger for the right price. People were lead by their genitals, using them as a release to the stress in their lives, seeing it as a “natural right” and open behavior. Still, this also meant sexually transmitted diseases and illnesses were common and also viewed as punishment in a world where people did not understand science or disease. So celibate Jesus was seen as a form of purity and self-control, but also valued because it kept people healthy, or so they believed. No sex, no desire, no temptation, no abuse of others, no infidelity, no rape. It seemed to solve a lot of their issues at the time and made them feel stronger for showing such self-control, truly amazing exercise of free will and willpower. Something many people have never been inspired to even attempt in a world where everyone believed “boys will be boys,” “men get what they want,” “no one tells a man no.”

Although Jesus and his parents stayed celebrate for positive reasons, others saw it and interpreted it as a point of shame for others. It was easy to make negative connections to sex because of how people live and all of the negative things associated with sex. So people who didn’t fully understand Jesus, Mary, and Joseph’s way of life instead shamed the act of sex. People started viewing celibacy as holy, alighted, pure and evolved — because that’s how they saw Jesus. This created a lot of repression and tension within the population where people who did want sex felt like there was no outlet for expression in their desires. This leads to the exception of sex, but only under very controlled circumstances. A man would be in charge (because men wrote the laws), the man and women would be wed, and they would never cheat. Sex was for procreation and salvation of the human race. Not anything more. This was when it became shameful to have sex for pleasure. Gay relationships are the perfect expression of sex for pleasure. You will never get a child out of that connection biologically, so it made no sense to people pushing purity and limited sexual expression ONLY for procreation. They began to see this lusty, passionate expression of love as going against their moral standards and vision of purity. Instead of growing and evolving their vision of love, the attack on the gay community was born.

Although the Bible had good intentions to create a “guidebook” to life, many writers shared their own biases and hatred. Sharing their belief systems and interpretations of “the word of God.” And there, on those pages, was birthed an obsession and deep hatred for any relationship outside of the man and women of the same religion and background. One where the man controlled and was even given permission to own and abuse his female partner. THIS WAS WRONG. THIS WAS NO SPIRIT OR GOD. THIS WAS THE HATRED AND OPINION OF ONE MAN'S TRAUMA. It was a confused interpretation of Jesus's choice for celibacy because it is not something he pushed or spoke about. It’s simply something he believed in and did for himself to stay focused on his mission. People thought highly of him. People treated him like a walking god. Imagine that kind of performance stress? Yikes! It was easier to say no and stay focused.

So, we were left with a lot of hatred to now repair. In choosing gay relationships, we not only heal our traumatized broken aspects of the divine feminine and divine masculine, but we also learn to reach new levels of courage, self-love, and love in general. We know to release judgment for self and others. So if you are gay, this likely isn’t your first life! It’s usually a theme humans continue until we find peace with the trauma made in an originating life where it likely wasn’t so easy for you to be yourself. They courageously exposed us to different versions of love, so our feeble human minds could see beyond gender limitations and then CHOOSE love or choose judgment. Even if we decided chose judgment and criticism, WE were not individually responsible for karmically managing our reactions in our next life. Meaning, if I participated in a mob who brutally beat a gay couple, I was now forced to take that karmic debt into my infinite soul experience and work through it, EARNING forgiveness, UNDERSTANDING where I went wrong, and OPENING myself to love by acknowledging love doesn’t look any specific way.

Love is life, creation, expression, purpose, soul, experience, forgiveness, and most importantly, it can be found in ALL THINGS! Because love is the only emotion and everything else is a derivative or lack of love.

copyright protection Jessenia Nozzolillo 2021

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Is Love considered the act of sex or is sex a flesh driven passion/of the ego/primal need? I feel people confuse intimacy with love.

Jessenia Nozzolillo
Jessenia Nozzolillo
02 сент. 2021 г.
Ответ пользователю

Everything on earth and in creation is a reflection of love OR lack of --whether it be intimacy, compassion, kindness, consideration OR judgment, criticism, abuse etc. What versions of love we are here to learn from, depend on our karmic debts and soul.

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