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The Veils are Thinning

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

By Jessenia Nozzolillo


Contrary to popular belief, the veils start thinning on September 26th and peak at the end of October. Because I have such a sensitive gift of seeing Spirit, I can see the significant influx of souls on 9/26 every year yet I’m still shocked by the swarm. In fact, we got our first visitors today!

Be prepared to have visitations from your deceased loved ones and to see hauntings EVERYWHERE (or more than you might normally) as Spirit freely walks Earth for visiting hours. Those who can't “see” will get messages through memories, dreams, music, songs, totem animals etc. These are ways Spirit connects every day, but it's amplified now!

Veils are inter-dimensional walls that keep this reality separate from most outside sources of Spirit (like the deceased who have returned home or being of other dimensions) for order and protection for humans but at this time every year we have visiting hours; a moment where Spirit seems like it’s freely walking Earth because of the thinning of the inter-dimensional walls that divide us. It feels like they are right there, by our side, although it’s more like the glass has now cleared and the “division” remains meaning we are still protected, amplifying our communication with them. How soon we see them depends on our gift structure and sensitivities. I see Spirit all year. But around this time, the numbers amplify, and the general population will begin seeing more and more. This usually starts around September 26th and peaks on Halloween or Samhain, which is considered the “grand finale” of the visitation hours and a perfect time to have a large “farewell” party for the souls before the inter-dimensional veils thicken again.

The issue with this is it means we can see all Spirit, which means struggling and suffering hauntings, AND also being able to see and interact with demonic entities! Although they have no physical power, it can be scary and lead to manipulaton. This birthed the practice of Halloween. Wearing costumes meant you could not be seen by the entities on the other side, therefore by “blending in” and not being targeted.

A great way to protect yourself from uninvited Spirit and entities is to create an alter space with the images of your deceased loved ones THAT YOU GIVE PERMISSION TO VISIT. It acts as intention and protection for those beloved family members, letting others know they are not invited. Add crystals, fresh water, fresh fruit, flowers, and gifts to the altar. All rotted or decomposing things should be placed outside the back door. I put mine in my gardens. It acts as an energy source for the Spirits so they can visit without siphoning the energy from people in their environment.

This happens every year around this time and is temporary. With every action, we have consequences, and as I mentioned, ALL souls are more visible, including the demonic. It would be hard to function that way ALL the time. It would be too difficult to keep order and protect humans from entities who function in chaos, which is why visiting hours are limited.

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Copyright Protected Jessenia Nozzolillo 2022

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