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The Origins of Your Trauma

How did your trauma begin?

Most of us are carrying trauma from past lives. We don’t always remember the origins, but what we do feel is the repercussions. Memory blocks, stomach pains, headaches, issues grounding, weight gain, chest pressure, these can all show up as symptoms of chakra blockages and trauma. But how did they occur?

Here we will discuss some common chakra trauma themes. What disrupts each chakra. Check the connected Blogs ”How do we digest trauma through the chakras?” and ”The Chakra Symptoms no-one Talks About” for more information about the chakra system and self-healing linked below.

Chakras are a filing system of the soul. If you’ve had 700 lives, then you have 700 layers to your chakra system. Each life would be stored primarily in the chakra that reflects its trauma. So what are these themes? Please note that knowing the themes isn’t usually enough to self-repair. Many times we need to regress to that lifetime to TRULY comprehend where our trauma was centered and release it enough for repair.

The root chakra is our connection to the physical and Earth. Therefore it is blocked by extreme physical trauma in these topics. Being ostracized from the community. Lives where you were violently attacked, abused, and beaten. Lives of deep physical trauma. Life’s of burning alive.

Past life example: Here, we may see a life of war. We may have to go into the battlefield and pull up suffering souls still stuck. Most holocaust traumas are located at the root chakra.

The sacral chakra is home to our divine masculine and the divine feminine. It’s also our connection to our ancestral connections and trauma. Lives of rape block this chakra. It’s also commonly blocked by trauma connected to parents like abandonment, lack of nurturing, lack of affection, not being protected, and cared for properly in infancy—trauma with children like not being able to have children, issues with fertility, and issues with sexuality.

Past life example: Here, we will see lives of abandonment, adoption, rape, and human trafficking.

The solar plexus is about control and authenticity. Our internal reality vs. our external reality. The person we choose to show the world. If we think about social media, it’s like our profile vs. our real life. The larger the disconnect between the two, the more trauma you carry in the solar plexus. This chakra is harmed when we hide our authentic selves. We feel like the world cannot accept us as we are. We don’t communicate how we think or what’s boiling inside of us. We don’t want the world to “see” the true us because we feel like it is negative or dangerous. Because we hide who we indeed are, we feel like we can never be fully “seen” or “heard,” and that leads us to feel disconnected from reality. That is when addiction and self-sabotaging behavior takes over. This chakra is also blocked by lives connected to the stomach. So we can carry the trauma of starvation, poisoning, drug addiction, or overdoses. These are all ways we impede will power and sabotage our healing.

Past life example: Here, we may see lives of fame. Their internal reality was very different than people’s expectations of them. No matter how famous they were, they felt alone. Like no one truly understood them. This frequently leads to drug abuse—an escape from their emotional selves and inner pain.

The heart chakra is the home of love. Family. Connections to others. It’s blocked when we feel like we did something to put someone in that family circle In harm—making a choice or decision that leads to death or trauma. The guilt that remains blocks the heart from allowing yourself to have love again because you feel like you are not worthy of forgiveness for your actions and don’t want to hurt someone else you love. You would keep everyone at a distance to protect them from you. This is also blocked when someone you love puts you in danger or at risk. You may have a hard time feeling betrayed or untrusting of others. It may be hard to let people in because you feel like it will happen again. Your defenses are your protection. If you never love anyone, they won’t be able to hurt you.

Past life example: a common issue here is infidelity. They are being betrayed by someone who vowed their lives to you. Many parents carry trauma regarding their children. Putting them in danger, accidental drowning, not being enough for their loved ones. Not giving their loved ones or themselves the attention they deserved.

The throat chakra is home to emotional expression. This is blocked by lives where we hid our voice. Didn’t speak up when we should have. Didn’t tell others how we feel. Lives where we lied or manipulated others to get our way. It’s blocked by lives where we were not taught how to express ourselves and share how we feel. For example, a lot of women and children were raised with the “speak only when spoken to” rule. That is a significant block here. A lot of men were built with the “feeling is weak” guideline. That is a throat blockage because feelings exist; the only difference is they were taught not to express them, which leads to emotional congestion.

Past life example: once upon a time in history, women were told to keep their mouths shut. Some societies even punishing women for speaking, putting on face cages for them if they spoke out of turn.

The third eye houses vision, thought, and memories. If we have traumatic memories, or programming that limited our view, we would have blocks here. Another common trauma for the third eye is intentional memory blockages from the lives of such violence. They simply didn’t ever want to face or see the violence again. Our self-limiting beliefs lie here. If you believe you are ugly, it is a program that was instilled in your brained—trained through you and your thoughts. A self-limiting processing system and program that doesn’t allow you to SEE your beauty.

Past life example: witnessing a massacre may cause a past life block. You feel like the life visuals were so horrific that you protected the memory and encased it so it would never leak through in your soul memories. Cult life can also be found here because it is a program. You only know what you are taught and manipulated to understand—a program of the mind.

The crown chakra is the home of our connection to soul, spirit, and one. Trauma here is associated with disconnecting from the collective energy which we call spirit. This can happen in lives where we join cults, believe we are gods, believe others humans are gods. Although we are all fragments of our higher-self, and our higher-self, a fragment of our soul group creator — or God — gods do not incarnate on Earth. That is the ego that makes us believe we are incarnated, Gods. The ego is separation from the collective. One believes they are better then everyone else on Earth, thus cuts the fabric connecting themselves to the collective so they may rule “over them,” not feeling their pain, suffering, or emotions. Pharaohs are a great example of this kind of trauma. This chakra is also blocked by trauma associated with murder. To murder someone, you would have to sever yourself to the collective so that you cannot feel their pain. I frequently also find “me against the world” trauma here—situations where you have been so hurt by humanity that you felt like you had no one. No one was kind. No one was there for you. No one cared about your safety. This mentality again created a separation between you and the collective that makes you feel unseen. Unheard. Unloved and like you don’t belong.

Past life example: pharaohs, kings, queens, and royalty often have crown chakra trauma as they had to disconnect themselves from their followers so that they may feel more powerful than the collective and not feel the suffering of the collective. They also carry the mentality that people must sacrifice for them because people are lesser.

Knowing the trauma theme isn’t enough to remove the trauma. These are very intricate stories that need closure, repair, forgiveness, and healing. By “reliving” the story, we can pull out all the fragments that caused trauma and recode or reprogram those for healing and repair. Sometimes, our soul will refuse to revisit the life all together as the trauma is too severe to face. That is when past life regression or past life healers come in handy.

Check the connected Blogs ”How do we digest trauma through the chakras?”


The Chakra Symptoms no-one Talks About”


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