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The New Paradigm

We all have the ability to tap into our intuition. Each and everyone of us. What obstructs our intuition then? Why are so many of us blind to our soul? Inability to heal. Scars. Trauma. Suffering. Pain. Just like in this life, if we have a bad experience with a person we will likely associate that pain with everyone who crossed us that resembles them UNTIL WE HEAL. The trigger stays a trigger, until we are ready to FACE IT. But if you don’t know how to face it, you tend to get use to carrying it with you everywhere you go. Now you naturally see the world through the pain that one person caused you. It becomes so second nature that we simply don’t remember what it was like to see before the pain they caused.

Most souls here on Earth have had 300-400 lives. That’s where we are at vibrationally across the world. That’s a lot, yes. But not in the grand scope of things on Earth. You see it takes about 1,000 lives to conquer Earths lessons AND the more we take on the more we come across damage. 1,000 lives is A LOT OF TIME to get into problems. So what we see is the YOUNG souls are actually the souls that are leading the masses in “spiritual guidance” because they have less obstructions to their intuitive connection, or less trauma. But because of this they also have a strong disconnect on how the spirit integrates with the human form. They give us misguided information from the sidelines. Very disconnected from how we implement that knowledge in the physical, heal, or even train gifts and energy. They assume everything that comes through is divine, never questioning their own filters or intentions. Like children tend to do. In many ways it’s like teaching with no experience. Teaching Spanish when you have never lived/heard or experienced the communication yourself. Something you think you know. Something that seems to make sense but has no meaning. That’s an issue. Using terms inappropriately, leading people astray, misguiding the collective with “channeled messages from spirit” that have nothing to do with spirit because they have been filtered through an un-evolved gift structure... those are all incredibly dangerous things. We have no global training process, no global certifications and guidelines for these “readers” so they just continue on their path sharing this information. Most people don’t know the difference - because they don’t channel spirit, at the moment. They are trying to remember something that should make sense to them before all the hurt and pain took over. They are trying DESPERATELY to unite the information within, but it’s never “right” something is always “missing”. They carry the void of the missing and keep searching. No evolution takes place. No healing. No growth. They stay lost.

Intuition is not gifts. It is our innate connection to spirit. We all have intuition because we all have a spirit we connect to with a database of knowledge. We ALSO have gifts. Souls are born with gifts at souls first spark. We evolve those gifts in time over lifetimes. We choose guides who have already mastered the gift and as they work through us we get stronger and stronger with every incarnation. We upgrade and add onto those gifts making them more powerful as we evolve. But only if we are AWARE. We are currently lacking so much awareness globally. And again, we have very little ACCURATE knowledge (currently on Earth) on how to heal and address the aspects of the soul. So we lead lives more powerful then ever but also more lost and disconnected then ever. Programmed by limitations, led by trauma and misguided. “Young souls” or newer souls don’t usually have as many obstructions to their gifts, but they also have yet to establish proper control and use of those same gifts. So they don’t understand that “channeled Information” “visions” and “astral travel” are in fact able to be manipulated by our lack of knowing, lack of training, lack of awareness and lack of control. They are also very ego driven. The more lives we have the more ego we work through. In fact the most evolved souls have such little ego that many of them feel UNINSPIRED to speak out and up because in their mind “everyone will come around” EVENTUALLY and has been the case for so many lifetimes. I always joke I chose a birth chart with SO MUCH LEO AND FIRE because everything about my soul wants me retreat to the mountains with the ones I love. But the mission in this life requires I speak up, share, present, take stage and that is where my Leo comes in. Eventually, usually, we all come through, that is true. The issue? Earth is unlike any other place we have ever incarnated on. Its INCREDIBLY dense energy means incredible power for the collective. It’s a “golden cup” to the universe. Amazing unlimited potential, when properly aligned to its energetic dimension. That only happens when we stop destroying ourselves and each other. That only happens when we learn to heal and own our power and divinity. That only happens when we STOP letting ourselves be misguided.

Have you ever had a childhood memory that seemed so big? For example, let me take you back to my childhood. Let’s go back to small 5 year old JJ, skating in the parking lot behind her home in Framingham. I came across a hole in the parking lot. As a child forced to go to church and told that hell and the devil are constantly watching us and all bad people go to hell, I thought this hole was hell. It must be. What else could make such a powerful hole in a parking lot? I stuck a walkie-talkie down there so I could hear the voices of the dammed. It terrified me but I thought I could help them down there in hell.

As an adult, I know that 5 year old me was biased, scared, fear driven, limited, and mislead. I know that the hole was just a hole. Not a portal to hell. But if I wrote a story someone may believe it in both perspectives. They might believe the child who believed she could speak to the souls of the dammed through a hole to hell, which is partially true because I do communicate to souls. So it may resonate with some people looking for some connection to their own knowing. They may also believe in that the hole was just a hole. That is also true. It was a hole and I projected my gifts into, because that made sense to my human limitations, beliefs and teachings at that time.

So many people don’t see the issue with this kind of miscommunication and misdirection. If everyone believed that hole was hell, they would constantly fear it and draw energy to it. They would imagine the screaming voices. That energy breeds more of it. Imagination is intention. Fear is fuel. The more negative energy and focus put on this place, the stronger it gets. Now no one cares about the truth, the souls that are all around us. They only care only about the hole. The portal to hell. The misdirection. The smoke show. Misguided. The hole offers no lesson. No growth. No evolution. It is a fixation. Distraction. A fear based limited belief. A mental emotional spiritual cage.

Now if we take the real, and properly digest and share it - we have a whole different reality. We would see that lost souls are everywhere and we would learn to listen to them and help them cross over to healing. We would learn that no one is burned eternally in “hell” that it’s actually our guilt that keeps us self destructive and burning self in regret. We would learn purgatory is a place in-between dimensions where souls linger when their own guilt and fear refuses to let those souls crossover. We would learn to properly communicate with spirit in love and send them home where they belong, for healing and forgiveness. This raises the energy of Earths vibration and then clears land. Reunites souls. Creates more love and peace on Earth while properly developing the gifts of others and reducing fear.

So one, although it seems so innocent, is way more destructive then it seems. Isn’t it?

This is what so many “spiritual teachers” do. They filter these divine beautiful messages from source, with no way to implement them into your growth process, riddled with fear bias and limitations, distractions to healing, information that seems interesting but cannot be used in anyway. Sometimes even going as far as projecting their own suffering pain and limitations into their messages. Blame. Anger. Suffering. Over and over again. Since the beginning of humanity. It has limited us. Caged us.

If it’s not actually something you can use, leave it. If it’s fear based, blame structured, filtered through their own limitations, leave it. If you can’t evolve from it, leave it. Stop letting yourself be DISTRACTED by the circus. Stay focused. Your only goal should be healing yourself. In healing yourself EVERYTHING is easier to see- for yourself. The truth will always rise. Like the sun, even if we don’t see it, we can have faith knowing that it’s there. Behind the clouds. Waiting to do it’s job and shed light on a situation.

If you still feel lost, if you are still wondering, if you still feel the void, scrap what you have been taught. Take this as an opportunity to start fresh. Look for guidance that leads to healing and you will begin to unlock the secrets and messages that have always resided within.


Copyright protected Jessenia Nozzolillo 2020

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