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The Many Stages of Awakening

The Many Layers of Awakening

•Awareness. We become aware that there is something more than skin and bones to our conscious thoughts. We realize that we can do more than just comply with the human scope. Know more. Feel more. Be more. Connect to more.

•Self-repair. Awareness brings about awareness of the shadow. Times and situations in this life and past lives where you have been limited, abused, oppressed, brainwashed, controlled, mislead, manipulated. This can be a very overwhelming time in one's life. Many people get stuck here because the programming is so vast they just don’t feel like they can overcome it on their own. Life can feel slow and overwhelming. It may feel like it takes a lot to get anything done. Remember that we cannot heal without addressing the wounds and recognizing the patterns. That is the goal. Not to fester in the wound and pick at it - but to understand it and send it love long enough for it to finally heal and release its grip on your mental, emotional, physical, spiritual self.

•Empowerment. After the first couple shifts in consciousness, we begin to feel the tremendous power that comes with healing. It almost becomes addictive. You see and feel that no mountain is too high. No obstacle too great. You know how these lessons have made you stronger and helped guide you to the best possible version of you.

• Reflection. The wounds you carried don’t seem so overwhelming now that we are not drowning in them. You are able to see patterns in yourself and others. You are able to help people with those patterns when it’s time. Remember, just because you see patterns doesn’t mean it’s your job to heal them in others. One must be asked, or it’s a form of judgment. We can only assist those who are ready. Many times this is where we combat ego. We may get impatient with others because we feel like... “I know better.” “I am so evolved.” “The world needs to wake up.” “No one knows the truth but me.” When you reflect, remember where you were and the stages you went through to get here. Understand everyone deserves the same respect as they move through their stages.

• Corruption. We want to make a change. But it becomes clear the more we dig, the harder it seems to really create a profound difference in the word. We see things beyond the surface. We recognize that there are significant influential figures negatively manipulating our reality. We may even lose hope for our idea of “utopia” on Earth as it seems overwhelming and unachievable. Or, we violently push that awareness on the population thinking everyone, and everything is ready to comprehend such intense information. They are not. When people are prepared, they become aware too. Just remember that. The evolution of consciousness is something that takes time. Just like the evolution of the brain. Some of these more complex topics take time to digest. Spraying everyone with “truth serum” won’t actually bring forward the truth. It just makes you look impatient, disconnected, and pushy. People push away. People stop listening. People aren’t ready because their consciousness isn’t developed enough. They deserve the time you had to achieve this level. A teacher must teach at the students ability to comprehend. All the information in the world is useless if people aren’t ready to listen.

• Duality. The understanding that everything in this world, by the law of existence, has an equal and opposite. This pushes us to move past judgment and into a deeper awareness that change comes in waves. Growth is not linear. There is no such thing as “good” vs. “bad” only a balancing of character and experiences that have alighted us to the NOW. We feel connected with all that is and was. We are able to make decisions based on that awareness.

• Reaction. We understand our reactions are a direct reflection of the traumas we still carry and adjust our reactions based on our ability to repair our wounds first. We can either choose to be conductors of light or conductors of trauma. We do not want to spread toxins actively. We choose to be conductors of love.

• Transcending physical restrictions. We get to a place where we are so aligned to our thoughts, emotions, reactions, reality, and spirit that we can transcend the physical limitations that seem to have blocked us in all the other phases of awakening. We have practiced the steps and grown so much that very little obstructs us from our soul's full potential and soul guidance. We do not react the way we once did. We do not need to engage in self-destructive behavior. We do not need to project our trauma onto others. We do not need people to agree. We are warriors of love. We understand those who attack, fight, disrespect, are merely reflecting inner wounds they have yet to heal. We take nothing, personally. We realize we are all on the same boat.

• Teach. We show the world it can be done. We guide. We teach. We heal trauma and that trauma results in mass shifts globally and spiritually.

Awakening is the process of spiritual repair. The more we heal, the stronger we get. If you want to help others, help them heal. That is the ONLY WAY we can combat the forces that oppress us. That is the only true way to be the light during a dark time.

copyright protected 2020 Jessenia Nozzolillo

art by Autumn Skye

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