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The Illusion of Separation

The illusion of separation.

If one were looking to control a large group of people for ones own selfish gain, one would have to hide the goals of their plan under the guise of an masterfully created “enemy”. Once the ememy has been established, one might build hate for the target. The target could be a color, race, religion, location, sexuality, etc. They would focus on the targets differences as a tool to dehumanize them. And they would focus on the collectives positive aspects to empower them. Now you have created a rift, and inspired an army, followers. People who believe they are better than another group of people in their own illusion of power.

They use this escape to drown their own suffering. They don’t question it because, for a moment they are the “answer”, they are “on top”. They wouldn't challenge a reality that favors their growth after years of oppression. So yes, suffering must always be a part of the equation, or no one would be so quick to turn a blind eye when its their turn to be “on top”.

This creates the illusion of separation. Seperation allows one party or person to hurt another. Under this illusion, we practice racisms, classism, homophobia, transphobia, and all other judgments. To stop this, one must only find and see love. Look instead for all the ways we are the same. This will strengthen your connection to the cosmic body, oneness. In oneness, you see there is no need for this game. No need for anyone to “be on top” or to suffer for the success of others. When there is no latter, there is no pull for power. Is we stop complying their is no game left to play. This illusion is a tool of manipulation. People who wish to control others will look for these weaknesses to divide humanity against itself, keeping us from conscious evolution and connection. Unity through love is the solution, always.

This was channeled from a session where a soldier came to the conclusion that he was a pawn to someone else’s obsession with power. He complied to the illusion because it made him feel important, “on top”, like it was his time to shine. The moment he could see through the illusion, was the moment he no longer wanted to hurt another human.

Copyright Jessenia Nozzolillo 2020

Art Credit : Mother nature is in War Art Print

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