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The Haunting

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

When a soul refuses to cross over, weather it be because of fear, guilt, fear of punishment or persecution, they linger. Not fully of Earth, as they have now detached from their physical vessel and not fully soul because they refuse to cross over into their home dimension. Scripture calls this place purgatory. It is in between the dimensions. A low vibrational place where negativity, self loathing and self punishment thrives. This was a huge issue with spirits here on Earth. What would we do with all these lost wandering souls? Reapers are not common enough to guide everyone into the after life. They are data processing centers. They do have some people they can guide, they do not kill and there simply aren’t enough. How do we manage this? The psychic seeER of hauntings was put on Earth to clear these souls and bring them home. We are a beacon to the deceased and lost. They come to us like moth to flame. Energetically it looks like a literal orange beam of light that can be seen miles away where hauntings know help is near. They are drawn to us and our job is to council them back home. Hauntings cannot be banished. They have to work through their guilt, fear and pain here before fully leaving this dimension. It’s like soul therapy. If you have the ability to see them, then you have the ability to help them. This is important because most people fear lost souls. They think it’s like the movies and these things are here to kill us. That is more of the demonic entities. Lost souls can be angry, vengeful, stubborn, lost, confused, sad, guilt ridden, but they are not GENERALLY dangerous. The more people they negatively affect, the stronger they get. So essentially the more “famous” the haunting the more power they have against others. They draw on that fame like a hose of energy they feed off. It’s a complicated gift. Someone with this gift would have to set strong energetic boundaries, because lost and disconnected spirits don’t. They would have to be brave, it’s not always beautiful. It’s quite emotional and can be very overwhelming. Not properly protecting or connecting means you can be drained by the entities. @soul_architect_jessenia

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