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The Hand of God

In my practice, I’ve comes to learn that people will write their stories to cross my path for healing. We all write intricate life plans before birth that work as a road map to balance karma and heal. The road map is exactly just that. A map. It isn’t something that ties or binds us down. It is not a contract. The karmic debts you carry and your goals are the contract woven into your soul. Those can take lifetimes to complete. Free will is growth and expansion. It is a necessary part of this learning system.

Many years ago I asked the guides of Akashic why souls would incarnate to cross me if they could just have healing in spirit form. They informed me that trauma caused on Earth gets healed on Earth. Part of the karmic energy of Earths cycle and necessary for Earths ascension. But then I noticed that souls who take on trauma in between lives also planned incarnations simply to cross me for healing and I thought... now that is strange. Again spirit explained to me, for severe trauma in spirit, Earths dense energy actually intensified the healing process meaning healing here was denser, stronger and more profound then healing when my energy is less dense. Especially if the wounds occurred in spirit on a non physical dimension. this physical dimension would intensify it.

During healing sessions, it is common to have spirit teams, loved ones, angels, arch angels, ascended masters such as Jesus and Buddha come through. Sometimes the cases are more severe and the souls are “incubated” in the Akashic Hospital. How we heal depends on our spirit team. Most of us have spirits that come through and guide healing but many of us are simply unaware of their presence. Many of us are blind to them.

OCCASIONALLY and very rarely, I am guided to call upon the “touch of God” for healing. This is not in my control. It is a recommendation from spirit when we cannot complete the job at hand but also when the person has been “wronged” in a way that was not tied to any karmic debts or unlearned lessons. Essentially, it was simply a cruel act with no lesson connected. I see a white light encompass us all and in that there is a literal hand with a golden aura. The hand sweeps through the energy and in an instant it is realigned. Reprogrammed. Healed.

God in this case is the “Christ consciousness” or master consciousness of the Angelic Soul Group Cluster. They are an accumulation of many soul groups that have merged their power, healing knowledge and image into one “theme” what we see and know as the halo winged Angelic beings. They are the largest soul group currently incarnated on Earth and powerful healers. Some soul groups merge and keep their creators as separate entities. The Angelics chose to merge theirs. So we have one powerful master creator. The hand of God.

Copyright protected Jessenia Nozzolillo 2020

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Wow! I wish I could relay to you the utter shuddering moment that I had just now. I read all of these posts just now and every single one resonates with me at this single point in my life! I am in the middle of yet another battle between my strong willed daughter; my husband and myself. I am lost.

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