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The Generational Curse

By Jessenia Nozzolillo

It is incredibly important & sacred work.

I was having a beautiful conversation with my ancestors in spirit as they explained generational healing to me. It was so beautiful I wanted to share it with the world. We, many times, are our own ancestors. They are not fully dependent on each other.

That means we can choose to come into different ancestral lines. We do this so we can complete a mission or process through layered living. One life brings us closer to our goals, each life acting like steps to full completion. It’s also considered “karmically responsible behavior” as it allows us to complete & repair any damage we cause in our precious lives. So your daughter could be your great-grandmother. The wounds she created, raised your grandmother & her wounds may have perpetuated to your own mother. Then she arrives to help repair that lineage and story. Helps challenge healing.

In life planning, each generation is made to be a stepping stone to a brighter future. To an emotionally evolved self. Sometimes we corrupt that process with a victim mentality. We feel like the victim of our process or mission & life. We get so overwhelmed with the negative aspects that we have a hard time healing and moving on. Then we unknowingly perpetuate the same traumas onto the next generation, hoping they will have the ability to transmute and digest them.

Even someone who “can’t heal” and suffers from the victim mentality has a purpose. They are acting as a buffer to the next generation so that they may be able to digest the wounds through their parents.

But what is even more beautiful, is once we have healed these wounds, we heal the ancestral lineage tied to these wounds. This aspect of us comes forward and says, “Because you have forgiven yourself and healed, we can now forgive ourselves for the position we put you in. We can now all be free.”

We are a stepping ladder to evolution.

We cannot fully embrace how far we have come while still despising the steps that brought us here. We cannot come to full completion while still holding pain and resentment. We cannot step out of victim mentality while also expecting others to take responsibility for our healing. The power is yours.

Copyright Protected Jessenia Nozzolillo 2021

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