The Evolution of the Empath

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

The Empath gift structure happens in a series of programmed layers. This means that the person activated certain sensitivities before others until all sensitivities are activated. This is when the gift actually becomes known as extrasensory gifts. It’s important to know that the empath gift is housed in all chakras. Even at layer three empaths can vary in their specific level. Especially if they have other major gift structures like a Psychic or Medium.

Layer 1: The Earth Empath- Layer one is heightened sensitivity to Earth and your immediate surroundings. A special “knowing” like feeling a storm before it comes or feeling someone before they walk into a room. It’s environmental and local space. They crave being outdoors and may even crave being alone because it helps them control their sensory experience. Everything seems beautiful and has purpose. They can seem to get lost in “small” things like the beauty of a flower.

2.) The Nurturing Empath- At this stage we find ourselves drawn to those who need healing and help through physical nurturing. This is a great time to practice protection and balanced energy exchange. Many people at this stage become nurses and doctors or child care providers etc. They look for ways to work directly with nurturing others. This can be a very tricky stage and most people get stuck here because they forget to nurture and protect themselves. This can also be a very emotional stage where you feel overwhelmed with the suffering and emotions of humanity. Feeling like the world will never change. Most empaths on Earth are currently here.