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The Egyptian High Priestess

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

By Jessenia Nozzolillo

One of the first things I was called to do at the beginning of my spiritual journey was a past life regression with Soul Energy Healing.

During that session, I did some healing, helped my great grandmother cross over from purgatory, accessed Akashic records, and visited a couple of my lives guided by my regression therapist, Patricia M. Baker. It was about 4 hours, if I remember correctly. It was a while ago, and we spent a long time talking. Could have been 6 for all I remember!

In one of the lives I visited, I was a spiritual advisor for a very cruel and abusive pharaoh. It was in review of this life I learned most pharaohs in Egypt had high-priestesses or spiritual advisors that worked directly with them. They might help them predict famine, war, political strategies, relationships, psychic guidance, personal relationship advice, or even channel solutions to challenging issues. It is a brilliant idea to be advised by spirit as it helps us make better decisions! So I understood the usefulness of it in that life but never realized how important it was in a position of power like this.

If you’re a high priestess and have a clear channel to spirit, a very egotistical Pharaoh may not want to give credit to the priestesses, stealing the credit and having people believe the Pharaoh was some type of “walking god” that predicted all things on their own. Some of them were very comfortable giving credit to their high priestess or spiritual advisors, even allowing them to live lives of lavishness and royalty. I lived a very good life. Because of my gifts, my master pulled me out of poverty, and I had many beautiful gold pieces of jewelry, including a snake ring that is a spirit totem for me that represents transformation and rebirth. I was thankful to him for pulling me out of poverty and even allowing my sisters to work in the palace, giving them a chance at a better life. So the type of master you had really decided your relationship with the people. I was well respected and trusted.

I ended up overthrowing him, as advised by spirit, to stop the bloodshed in the country. Although he spoiled me, he was a very cruel man. He killed many, MANY people and was only going to destroy Egypt. Part of the reason the life haunted me so was that my mother (then sister) was going to disrupt the plan out of fear, putting thousands of lives in danger. I panicked and lied. Said she had stolen to discredit her story that would ruin the plan. As a punishment, they decapitated her. It was such a horribly nauseating sight that I fainted in the life and almost threw up during the regression. The room was spinning all around me. I was heartbroken. We succeeded in dethroning him, but the next rulers weren’t much better and unfortunately Egypt still fell in the long run, and I missed my sister greatly. It hurt.

Now I am my mother's caregiver! Helping her recover from her traumatic injury. It is not lost on me how powerful past life experiences are. It helped me understand these powerful wounds and debts so I never could before. It’s allowed me to be proactive in my healing. It’s allowed me to understand the decisions that brought me to this life. It’s allowed me to merge all of the power from their lives by healing them and bringing peace to them. Above all, I don’t see it as a burden. If anything, I see the beautiful privilege it has been to pay my debts with so much love and have this time with her.

So when people ask me who I used to be, I always say the only person I care to be is me! In this life. Why? As powerful as I might have been, I’ve never been able to see ALL of my past lives like I have in this one which means DEEP HEALING, profound awareness, deep peace and clarity. The only like that truly matters, is the one we are living. But the past holds the secret to discovering who we really are at soul level SO THAT we can make the most of this experience.

This is also why I am so excited to be going to Egypt with clients in April! Can’t wait to see what I uncover and see for my clients knowing I had such a powerful experience there.


Copyright protected Jessenia Nozzolillo 2022

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