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The Divine Feminine

The divine feminine will not be perfectly polished, manicured, and covered. She will be raw, real, and unafraid of change. She is the entity that embraces her age, considering it a blessing to have lived so fully. She will find wisdom in every wrinkle, never seeing the need to hide something she worked so hard to create. She will find beauty in every curve and inch, a gift from Earth itself. She will be unafraid of dirt, as dirt, just like the womb, holds the key to life and growth. She doesn’t understand jealousy as she only sees beauty and purpose in all creation. She loves, moves, and is unapologetic in every form. She will not be silent, reserved, or delicate about her passions. She never fears speaking her truth because an uncomfortable truth will always be better than a comfortable lie. She will not hide from her sexuality, body, and love. She understands the beauty and necessity in physical connection and expression. Equal to her sense of wonder is her sense of compassion. And her love, her love is deeper than the ocean itself as the divine feminine is unafraid of getting lost in the depths of emotion. She’s already drowned in those waves enough times to appreciate the beauty in the depths. A place untouched by those still too afraid to journey into their souls. Any one should consider themselves blessed to have experienced the depths of such love.

Copyright protected Jessenia Nozzolillo 2020

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