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The Chakra Symptoms no-one Talks About

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

The Chakra Symptoms No-one Talks About

Chakras are the energetic filing systems of the soul. They store information from our past lives, memories, traumas, gifts, and are sorted by theme. Most people here on Earth have about 300 lives. Some up to 800! Each life looks like a new layer to the chakra. Many gifts are not strong enough to pierce and differentiate between these layers. Disruptions in these layers cause traumas that have physical, behavioral, energetic, emotional side effects. It will also disrupt and limit gifts.

Here I share some common traumas to the chakras. This information comes from my work with thousands of clients. It is not pulled from any practice or modality other than my own.

•Root chakra trauma- can leave you feeling unsafe. Nervous. Disconnected from Earth and, therefore, your body. “Up in the clouds.” Distracted. But it can also make you feel like nothing ever “takes off.” Your great ideas never land or become a reality; you plan but never implement.

•Sacral chakra trauma- can have you feeling shameful of your body. Disconnected to your sexuality. Dry. Not interested in sex. Lacking creativity. Feeling un-nurturing and unable to perform. It can also block affection, abundance, positive energy.

•Solar plexus trauma- can have you overindulging in food, drinks, drugs, people, toxic relationships. But it can also have you hiding your true self. Feeling like no one will ever truly understand you or see the real you. You may feel like you need to “preform” to please others and be accepted. You may base your worth on what you can sacrifice for others and be a people pleaser. Someone who would do anything for acknowledgment or praise.

•Heart chakra trauma- can have you rejecting love and relationships, but it will also have you hating yourself and sabotaging any chance you have at happiness. One may feel heavy; it may be hard to breathe. One may also carry heavy grief and weight from grudges.

•Throat chakra trauma- may make it hard for you to communicate and express yourself. But it may also have you replaying toxic words, self-destructive memories, abusive attacks from others OVER AND OVER again.

•Third eye trauma- can make it hard to see others' perspectives and truths. People can become rigid in their thinking. It can also take dreams, cause headaches, memory blocks, limitations to psychic gifts, and make it harder to learn.

•Crown chakra trauma - can make it hard to have faith. Hard to believe in the goodness of humanity and feel one with others in a deeper soul level connection. It can also drain you spiritually and create confusion.

Chakras are so much more complicated then we want to believe. They are the filing system for the soul. An intricate web of fifth-dimensional information sorted into these themed spaces to make it easier for us to heal, clear, and remove trauma. The chakras also store memories, gifts, characteristics. This awareness means we can recognize the traumas and wounds we carry, thus release them.

To heal, we find the origins of the trauma, repair, reprogram and reconstruct to souls origination. Some traumas will have occurred in this life and some in others.

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Art credit: Awakening Hearts

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