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The Brain, the First 3D Printer

By Jessenia Nozzolillo

Sacred geometry is the art of replication. Once we have a solid structure we continue to adapt it to its environment. A great example is a leaf. Leaves are by nature fairly similar, absorbing sun and transferring that sun to food. The pattern of the leaf can be replicated and transferred to different plants globally. Through sacred geometry, the repetition of that leaf means it adapts to its environment in the form of evolution, but the general design remains the same. We don’t need to recreate the leaf, instead we simply adapt the leaf to its environment.

In this way, nothing on Earth or Spirit is truly new, only an adaptation to a previous design, and that in itself is the definition of evolution. Adaption. Change. Growth.

Up until now, adaptations have been incredibly slow! But with travel, the internet, and the sudden boom in technology, it really seems that the human brain is having a hard time making sense of our shocking, global capacity and connection that we have access to in this life. If we consider life as it was 300 years ago, or even early in the 1990’s when the internet was just taking off, we were subjected to our local neighborhood cultures and belief systems. Essentially, your location decided what type of person you would become. With the evolution of the internet and its availability and affordability, we now have access to millions of cultural differences, belief systems, and people. That's HUGE!

It's significant for human evolution because we can compare our belief systems to millions of others. We can cross-examine all of these really powerful expressions of the human experience! This helps us break through the patterns we were given from our family line. Through this exposure and education, we are naturally breaking generational curses at tremendous rates liberating our family lines from abuse patterns. It’s also surfacing a common thread with the human experience that regardless how expansive we are, we have repeated patterns — heartache, loss, grief, fear, all repetitions of human experience across the globe.

How many of you have “The Pattern” app?

I downloaded it a while ago and deleted it because I felt like it was getting far too personal, exposing my friend's traumas. Then, I redownloaded it and just realized that one friend had a lot of trauma and challenging placements in their astrology, and it wasn’t the same for everyone. However, it is a great way to practice vulnerability with close friends.

One very interesting thing I’ve learned on The Pattern is they see compatibility through synergetic placements, agreements, smoothly enmeshed relationship patterns, and placements that complement each other. Yet, all of my friends that I love and adore have very challenging astrology placements in our friend synergy with so many complicated astrological disagreements. I don’t have many close friends, but apparently, the ones I do have and choose to keep close are incredibly challenging for my astrology, pushing me out of my comfort zone, calling me out when needed, having disagreements, and so forth.

At first, I thought, “Damn, I’m really that broken that I’ve chosen this?” Then I realized… there is no growth with “yes men” and “yes women“ — the type of people that will tell me everything will be ok, even if it’s not — the kind of friends who will enable poor choices because they think so much like me that they think the choices I make are in alignment with theirs. There is no growth without challenge. I love education so much that I’m attracted to those who disagree, educate, and ruffle my feathers because education is elevation. I choose people who can teach me something I don’t already have or know! So yes, I love people I’m not necessarily synergetic with. Challenge me, don’t people please. Be your authentic, raw, and unique self. You are safe here.

A lot of people aren’t taking advantage of this, because up until this point and time this would have been “culture shock” and incredibly overwhelming for the human mind. They are still stuck in their self-preserving mind, seeking those who are like-minded, and staying stuck in the comfort of their intensely programmed perspectives and beliefs. The most powerful thing about this life is the ability to perceive things differently, and we usually have to die to do it! There is a flood of information and knowledge available to us at any given point in time. Not taking advantage of that is like knowing how to read and never picking up a single book. Challenge yourself. Take advantage of this informational flood. Meet new people who think differently than you, explore, ask questions, expand your knowledge, see life from their eyes, recognize what a blessing this is! Expansion is compassion. It’s time to grow.

Additionally, I have come to understand that every creation on Earth has its “gift” and lesson to the world. A cheetah might be one of the fastest land animals, but only for a short period of time. A penguin might be a large seabird, but it can’t fly, it was made to swim. A grizzly bear has sharp claws for hunting. A panther can easily scale trees. These animals are made by design to have something that isn’t necessarily common to all other species. Humans have their brain. Our superpower is our ability to create, manifest, problem solve and print.

If you look at the ancient Egyptian, Aztec, or Mayan art, you will often see images of people praying to the skies, and in their prayer to the skies they would receive messages, visions, or information. These visions could contain images like structures, teachers, predictions, leaders, messages from the deceased, etc., even some type of invention they would bring to Earth. These visions can be incredibly clear and come with extensive directions, or as we now say in the spiritual community — a download. That particular structure can be printed around the world because it’s coming from the same source, Spirit. The law of sacred geometry recognizes this “download” as a spiritual message. It’s similar to pulling a file out of Google, downloading it and printing it, a repeated true and tested pattern. The ancient Egyptian pyramid’s are one of the longest lasting buildings in all of creation. It might have taken people a while to figure out how to interpret the blue print, as each culture may have seen it differently. But, eventually they were able to visualize it and implement it, or “print it” into reality. A vision, or fifth dimensional message, when processed to the third dimensional brain has a potential to become a physical item, printed through the human experience. Grounding Spirit into this physical plane.

Consider that 10,000 years ago this world looked incredibly different. Everything you see around you was created at some point in time by human beings and it’s very easy to take those things for granted because we are so used to glass, plastic, material things, clothes and junk clogging up our reality.

What’s the purpose of this? It’s the creation and reflection of “Heaven on Earth.” The more we evolve, the more we connect to the “original design” of God by downloading its vision and generating it here. Utopia.

Additionally, when speaking of cosmic design, it’s quite beautiful to consider being a fragment of our God, the original Creator, that we are very divinely orchestrated in its image, creating junk, working through life, trying to manifest something as profound as this human existence. In this way, is adorable to think we are all just little gods in the making.

As magical as this all is, the informational overload we are currently experiencing with the invention and accessibility of the internet has created a problem with our brains 3D printing process. A lot of people feel confused, stunted, overwhelmed, and like they can’t take charge of their reality. There’s more options available to us than there ever has been to humanity and it can feel a little overwhelming.

The idea is to use your 3D printer, efficiently with clear directions, and be cautious of what you’re bringing into this world. Recognize that thoughts can become a reality. And that reality is a reflection of something greater — the cosmic design. Focus on small improvements and reasonable steps to creation. Sit in the imagination long enough to create something meaningful, then print your art into reality through action. It’s your image connection to God, a reminder of your power, and our greatest gift here as humans. Let’s do something meaningful with it.

Copyright protected Jessenia Nozzolillo, 2023

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