The Book, vs the Word

I was raised aggressively religious. My grandparents were illiterate and didn’t speak English, so we went to a Spanish church where they constantly interpreted the “word of God” however they related to it. Like (I will explain in this post) everyone else. My grandmother would demand we spend nights reading the Bible and even made us watch biblical-based cartoons. We spend most of our holidays in church in fear that celebration outside of church would lead to damnation.

But, we were never taught to have a conversation with God and listen ourselves. We were never taught about connecting to spirit on our own. We were never taught to trust our own intuition and messages from spirit. Payer was exhibited as a tool for “begging” and “praise.” Meaning if we were “good” enough, deserving enough, begged enough, we would be blessed with a gift. That accomplished a couple of things. It distracts people with prayer. By distracts, I mean if you channel all your energy into wishing, then there is little space for action, and you will begin to believe that your blessings must be handed to you and not found on your own. There is little space for evolution. We just wait for those prayers to be answered instead of feeling empowered to take action on the things we like to see changed. This also breeds disappointment when those things never came into fruition because one we didn’t take action, but also because we may not have understood the divine plan outside of our own suffering and could not connect properly to the story, plan and lesson.

I 100% believe in Jesus, God, angels, spirit, the afterlife, or Heaven, without a doubt. I’ve connected to them all frequently and still do. I have many conversations with Jesus and God. But I do not call them prayer. They are conversations. Clear, direct, loving and powerful guidance from a divine entity. But now, knowing what I do, it is SO EASY to see THE BIBLE WAS NEVER WRITTEN BY ANY OF THOSE BEINGS.

It is a book of spiritual interpretation. It is a collection of men’s perspectives channeled of spirit, low vibrational beings such as hauntings and demonic entities, and on occasion, highly evolved beings. It is a collection of men’s perceptions of “wrong” vs. “right” and how they were culturally affected, many of these “divine messages” being fueled by trauma, ignorance, and, yes, even demonic influence.

This is not a post bashing religion. It is a post standing up against racism, slavery, abuse, sacrifice, revenge, judgment, hate, punishment, damnation, and human ownership.

An evolved spirit would never condone the abuse and ownership of slaves and women, but the channeled messages in the Bible did because they were passed through someone who benefited from such claims as it spoke to their trauma and way of life. An evolved spirit would never push vengeance, but it’s in the Bible because it made traumatized men feel better about the times people hurt them. An evolved spirit doesn’t punish as it understands we are all capable of mistakes and instead need guidance, education, and healing.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, God didn’t create Hell! There is no Hell with highly evolved beings. But the book is written in a way that people believe God created Hell and sent off his son, Lucifer, to guard Hell! Hell is a territory of marked souls taken in by a demonic entity that collects souls for food and power. These demonic entities don’t belong on Earth but thrive here because of the cults and Satanists who continue calling them in and making them comfortable.

They also thrive here on Earth because there are so much disconnection and disillusion about spirit, gifts, connections, and healing that people tap into these entities in the belief that they are highly evolved beings, feeding their mission! If you haven’t been able to speak openly about spirit and gifts for centuries, then we don’t feel comfortable exposing or training gifts. If you don’t train gifts, than you won’t know the difference in the entities you’re connecting to. If you don’t see the difference between these entities, you will continue to channel low vibrational beings, hauntings, and demonic entities, confusing them with a higher source, keeping us from healing and evolving our connection.