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The Anunnaki and Spiritual Gifts

Years ago I was introduced to the Anunnaki through a client who is of the Anunnaki Soul Group. It’s a rare soul group here on Earth, because they no longer incarnate for the most part. They are part of the “Ancient Ones” or some of the first soul groups to find Earth. When I met the Anunnaki, I was afraid because there was a lot of negative stories about them. They were seen as enemies and the beings who “took gifts away” from humanity — the ones who didn’t believe in the potential of humanity. But my curiosity got the best of me, like it always does and I simply asked, “How did we lose our gifts?”

The following information is what they shared with me.

Humans learn through experience. They do not understand an emotion or event they have not experienced. The extreme vastness of emotion available on Earth is very overwhelming for the human being and soul alike. The first incarnation or “first taint” immediately exposed humans to trauma by traumatized humans who would then traumatize others. We are conductors of energy. If it isn't love, it is the pain we've experienced. Healing means alchemizing that pain to love and conducting love.

It seems that the most lacking thing here on Earth was compassion, a side-effect of love. Something I now understand is a side effect of the self-preserving mind.

By compassion, I mean the ability to understand someone's pain without having to go through it. Humans can only understand what the mind is programmed to understand and the process of the programming is done through experience.

Humans continued traumatizing one another over and over again, repeatedly hurting those who hurt them and innocent bystanders along the way. When you are connected with your gifts, you cause more karmic debts. The spiritual debts looked like psychic attacks, ill-will, psychic spying, vengeance, self-destruction, curses, seduction, and greed and manipulation. It was manipulation and torment on both realms. We could not stop one — being the human experience — but we could stop the other. This is why spiritual gifts were muted from humans. Gifts were held captive until humans evolved through the physical trauma of this experience, thus building understanding and empathy so that they would no longer attack simply because they were experiencing pain; they understand the repercussions of their actions more now than they used to.

Gifts are also an extension of self. If you are angry and in pain, you will attract the same energy. The density of Earth amplifies everything greatly. The emotion itself was too much — never mind the addition to the overwhelming spiritual attributes to the experience. With all of this suffering, one would feel much more suffering than needed and crush under the weight of such pain.

Gifts were never taken, just muted them until humanity was ready to know themselves better, hold themselves accountable and show compassion for one another for the safety of all. We are still learning this, but we've gotten better.

Even when gifts were turned back on for those who had worked through their compassion and self-control, there are other reasons why limitations remained.

Firstly, fear. Gifts have been demonized for most of our Earthly history. Although gifts were muted, the only gift that could not be muted or controlled was the witch gift structure because it is not directly fed by source like all other gifts. It's the ability to conjure energy from your environment. Energy will always be available in your environment! And yes, your environment is fueled by source — witches have the ability to take from source indirectly in this manner. Imagine that you have a cup and go to a faucet, you then fill your cup, and that is all you are allowed. Witches have a cup, and are designed to collect water from multiple sources like condensation, streams, collect their own rain water, harvest water from plants, and dowse water from untapped underground wells. The faucet water might be direct source but the plants, air, rain and streams represent indirect sources that were filing other goals. They are rebels to the rules. In order to stop the use of this particular gift the human self would have to decide not to use the gift by not absorbing energy from their environment. It does still have karmic debts, like everything else. But it simply could not be muted. The witch gift structure was developed as the rebellion to the rules, a deep desire to utilize their innate abilities and tap back into the power of their soul. Humans didn't always welcome the rebellion.

Gifts mixed with the negative emotion densely present on Earth only amplifies the negativity. Emotion like anger, pain, and vengeance that humans were facing lead to some of the side affects we discussed above. In suffering, responses like hexing, taking advantage of others, altering free will, curses, manipulation of energy for vengeance, energy attacks, ill-will for others became more and more popular. People were not healing, they were instead repeating their pain in an effort to get “even” for the sake of getting even. With the development of psychology, we now understand that hurt people hurt people and no one misbehaves without a reason. There is always some kind of originating wound whether it be this life or past lives.

This lead to the demonization of the gift, and eventually all gifts. We began believing that all gifts were bad and a tool of violence because we were violent. Gifted people were murdered by the millions. Burned, stoned, hung, buried alive, tortured. Being gifted became the most dangerous thing to be here on Earth. Gifts continued to be delayed and kicked off of Earth because of fear.

The only gift that seemed to be “allowed” was channeling source or “God” if you were male. Then you could be labeled a prophet or priest getting immunity to the rule. In many ancient civilizations, the power of gift use was utilized for government structures. For example, pharaohs and Kings had priests and priestesses, spiritual advisors were common for kings etc. But the gift was only allowed if and when it was serving the power present. If and when the gift was challenging or disagreeing with the physical power source, it was cut, killed or stopped.

Another reason for gift blocks is trauma within the chakras creating drains, blocks and restrictions to our energy and therefore gifts. The more we heal, the more misdirected energy we can program back into the gift structure and evolution. If you tear a muscle, you’re not likely going to lift a bunch of weights. You would first heal from the physical trauma you endured, then work on strength training or muscle building. Gifts are similar. We heal, take all the energy that was once being used to heal and maintain those wounds and plug that back into gifts.

Lastly, another common block, lack of awareness. Everyone has gifts! For now, anyway. Most people have such unrealistic expectations of what gifts should be that they never give them a chance to grow! Gift development is a journey. If we don’t acknowledge we have gifts then we’re not feeding their development, and if we are not feeding their development, we are likely confusing our gifts for characteristics, side affects, quirks and coincidence — expecting them to be something they are not and taking the gifts and intuition for granted.

You might not be able to throw a mini van into the ocean with your mind. But gifts are present and very realistic and practical.

They may start off as:

Feeling the energy of a room.

Feeling the history of a building.

Knowing a place gives off “bad vibes.”

Feeling watched.

“Gut feelings.”


Messaging your friends and loved ones at the perfect times, knowing they need you.

Craving certain places.

Familiarity with certain events/places/people.

Strong emotional reactions that can’t necessarily be explained in this lifetime.

Trust, and it will get clearer and more powerful! GIFTS ARE SUPPOSED TO GROW! My gifts are still expanding every day!

Copyright Protected Jessenia Nozzolillo 2023

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