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The Animals Know

Updated: Oct 15, 2022

By Jessenia Nozzolillo

I have been reading past lives for a while now, and I will never forget the beautiful wisdom I’ve learned from the Native American lives where I was able to see life the way they saw life, energy, and Spirit. They read the Earth, skies, and animals. They built from Earth, not to spite the Earth. They saw God and Creator in all things. My fascination with the lives comes from my desire to know my Taino ancestors and gifts more.

In one of the lives, a huge storm barreled toward the land. They said, “the animals speak,” and the animals were all moving to another location, acting irrationally, making a lot of noise, and sounding unsettled. He knew to listen and therefore did. The tribe moved to safe ground but still suffered some.

This morning, I opened my door to go to my first bus stop for the day, and the geese were loud, unsettled, flying out of order, and seemed stressed—a large flock out of order moving quickly.

I heard, “They feel the storm coming. They are flying in the opposite direction in a hurry. They are communicating to one another and sounding off the message.”

Then I realized how much we had forgotten ourselves over all of this time. We can’t remember who we are or what we came here to do. We are so distracted by the material that we have forgotten to listen. Listen to the wind, the clouds, the animals, the land, and each other. We forgot all the most important things about who we really are, our origin, nature, and our connection to the powerful fabric of reality that allows us to “hear all, see all, be all” through interconnectedness. We are SO disconnected that we might even read these words and think, “This crazy weirdo is out there taking weather advice from geese.” And I remember a time when that used to scare me. Those judgments stabbed at me like a knife to the heart. Now they liberate me.

I am the weirdo. I hear the Earth. I hear the call of the animals. I feel the weather shifting. I am interconnected beyond the physical. I remember who I am. That is strange or even weird for such a disconnected world to comprehend, but someday it won’t be. Someday it will be revered wisdom once again — taught to the children in schools where they learn to tell weather based on animal responses, remember to connect to their intuitive nature and divinity, learn to hear another’s deep inner expression without any words, and learn to see God in all things.

I acknowledge that this beautiful future only comes when we are brave enough to be the weirdo!

Copyright Protected Jessenia Nozzolillo 2022

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