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Stop blaming your creator. How deep do our toxic roots run?

So many people confuse our creator's purpose in our life with our personal responsibilities as human beings. It’s more apparent to me being a past life reader and seeing the actual life plan you set in place before entering Earth. We seem to have this idea that we are forced into these incarnations. That is the first misconception. We choose to incarnate here on Earth because our souls are compatible to Earth's atmosphere and because we wanted to help and be a part of Earth's mission. Anyone and everyone here on Earth are some of the bravest souls known to the cosmos. Earth is an incredibly dense atmosphere, therefore one of the most challenging incarnations we have faced as souls. This is why we disconnect from our soul when we enter the Earth's atmosphere. One of the many side effects of the density here is we simply forget who we are. In forgetting, we accumulate a lot of trauma. We get stuck in material possession; we fall prey to human limitation. We get caught up in the negative aspects of the emotional human experience. We get lost in our lessons and trauma. This is where many humans sit and stay. For thousands of years, we sit. We are overwhelmed, disconnected, confused. With this intense awareness that we are more than this physical experience but with very little tools or know-how in reconnecting to that divinity.

God does not sit by while you suffer. In many ways, God can be viewed as a healthy parent model. They have created you, they have provided for you, they have supported you, they have shown you unconditional love, but when you where old and responsible enough, they supported your decisions and growth.

You chose this life and experience. Own that power. Spirit understands that this life is only temporary. Spirit, understand that your growth continues even after this life is over. Spirit understands that the only way to learn something is to experience it personally. Being present allows us to reprogram our body through new experience. Spirit understands that the life you chose contains the lessons you personally signed up for.

If we had a young child who desperately wants to join football, as parents, we have two choices. Allow them to play football and fulfill their desire to experience the sport and be challenged, face obstacles, hopefully, persevere with confidence feeling like they have achieved their goals. Or the second option is to say no, it’s too scary there are too many risks involved. One option allows us to grow; the other option keeps us limited, inexperienced. Your creator functions the same way as a healthy parent model. Through love for you and your growth. Not fear and limitation. Your creator will not take your lessons from you because your creator understands that you were well aware of the consequences before you signed up for these experiences.

This life truly is our responsibility. This is our creation. Every decision you make in this reality either supports your limitation or supports your growth. In the end, you are the only one that suffers or benefits from the actions based on those decisions. Was it worth your time? Did you accomplish your goals? Were you able to heal? Did you stay focused and put in the effort? Were you able to pull out of the materialism, confusion, and chaos of the physical experience long enough to recognize your soul again?

That’s up to you. Not your creator.

As much as we love our children, at some point, we need to release all control from their adult experience and allow them to make decisions as adults. Hopefully, we, at some point, are able to see our adult children as perfectly capable, responsible beings able to make decisions for their best selves. But occasionally, those children do fall into toxic patterns and find themselves unable to heal. As parents, we also need to realize that the actions of our adult children aren’t our responsibility anymore. Because the alternative would be making all their decisions for them, absolute control of their lives. There’s absolutely nothing to learn in control. In that case, we wouldn’t have humans. We would have robots.

In these beliefs, we’ve let our power go. Feeling forced to incarnate is the first form of disempowerment. We feel like we have somehow been forced into this reality, not brave warriors who have excepted this mission through free will. But that’s not all; we disconnect from all of our decisions feeling like we have no choice and things simply happen to us. We start believing our success is somehow a grace of God, a gift one must not take action on but simply be entitled to. But the truth is we find power when we empower ourselves to heal, make decisions, own our reality, change the things we can change all while being led by spirit. Choice is power and strength.

There’s also this misconception that you’re somehow being punished through this Earthly experience, and that simply isn’t the case either. The more disconnected we are from spirit, the more confused we are from our healing. The more confused we are from the past versions of ourselves. The less we understand how our immediate decisions affect us, and the more we fall into these toxic patterns. You are not being punished. You just have a hard time understanding the lessons you chose and the way they are presented because you’re having a hard time connecting to yourself, your power, your soul. But you can’t ever connect yourself if you keep giving your power away.

copyright protected Jessenia Nozzolillo 2020

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