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Still Blooming-Still Growing

By Jessenia Nozzolillo

I used to…

I used to get panicked that I would run out of things to say or not be valuable enough in sessions. —> That never happens. Sometimes people get so overwhelmed with the amount of information that Spirit steps in to tell me that you’re going to need time to process the information delivered, and to save some time for other subjects. Spirit is infinite. Akashic records are infinite. We could read records forever! The only reason we stop is to let healing integrate properly into the body for the health and well-being of the client and Spirit decides when that time is. It’s incredibly rare to have a session cut short. It’s only happened a handful of times.

I used to be afraid of offending people. —> Spirit says exactly what the client is ready to hear. Sometimes it’s difficult to take in, but it doesn’t make it any less necessary. In fact, sometimes the harder conversations are the most powerful ones. I no longer hesitate expressing spiritual messages as I see the beauty and profound transformation of those more difficult conversations. In fact, sometimes the healing is that we finally get to talk about a difficult subject that cannot be discussed at any other place or time! Meaning many times it’s the only place that subject feels safe to surface. And I now see what a privilege that is. It’s POWERFUL to be a safe place for difficult conversations. Difficult conversations are always the most transformational!

I used to fear being wrong. —> Spirit is never wrong! Sometimes it takes me a minute to figure out what the heck they are trying to say but it’s always accurate, powerful and aligned. So, I no longer hesitate with the information knowing it’s the purest form of truth.

I was afraid at being good at what I do! —> Sounds so stupid… BUT IT’S TRUE. And unfortunately people seem to get very upset when someone is confidant in their spiritual work. I’ve heard all kinds of wild claims like “There is no way you know all of that. You aren’t old enough. I’ve been doing this longer. You are so cocky. You are too sure of yourself. You need to be humbled. You must have googled that information, that was never on google before meeting me this very minute. You must have stolen that information. You are good, but not as good as me.” But, I ask you to question, would you buy a house from a contractor who was “humbly” stating he was ok and not that great? Why do we treat gifts any differently? Let people be proud of their skill and stop trying to snuff their light because you aren’t comfortable in your own, YET. You will get there. You are amazing and so necessary. It just takes some time! We are not in competition. We can all win.

I used to get tired after a day of sessions.—> When I first started reading people, sessions used to exhaust me. I now realize that I was not properly grounded, not cleansing properly, had poor boundaries, and was not using tools to support healthy grounding. Additionally, the more you use the muscle, the stronger it gets. So that means I need less to feel secure in my grounding techniques. It’s more like a switch. I just flip it on. This doesn’t mean I don’t have burn out or difficult days/sessions. Just that I’m less tired in general.

I used to believe that people and their souls were completely aligned. —> Because I see the soul and I’m so connected to my own, I truly believe that people were reflections of their souls! But that is in fact the complete opposite on Earth as Earth’s density acts like a barrier to that natural connection and many of us have to work lifetimes to reopen it with training, healing, practice and focus. Because I have spent so many lives reading people and connecting, it was much easier for me in this life. A lot of people were hard on me and critical of me for it. I didn’t realize it was such an issue until I openly started using my gifts and training others to use their own. EVERYONE HAS GIFTS. We all have the potential to tap deeply into the cosmic fabric of reality. But many of us just don’t really know how or assume weak connections are the limit. It’s not. And unfortunately a side affect of this is, many people are nothing like their souls. Spirit constantly reminds me, “People are who they prove to be through action. Trust that.”

I used to believe that there was a God. By that I mean a singular Creator of all things. —> There is no source, or singular Creator. Nothing in the cosmic fabric of our reality is singular. Everything casts a shadow or inspires some reflection and opposition — duality. If creation itself is infinite, then the deeper we go into creation, the more Creators we meet that are responsible for the different cosmic elements of this infinite and mind blowing experience. Oneness truly just represents all of existence, and to say our only goal is “oneness” is truly based in the thinking that there is an end to creation and therefore time to merge all that is. But all that is will always grow. So essentially, we were never made to be “one” in any way. We are made, however, to learn from each other and in that learning we merge energy and conscious awareness of our experiences and perspectives through reflection. That is the beauty of the mission here, to experience through reflection and mastery of energy—> emotion. Earth is a God. The Ocean is a God. Your soul group originated from a God that lives within a cosmic being called a galaxy which resides in a larger cosmic being… and it truly never ends. We cannot be “one” until we experience all elements of those Creators. But the idea is we are working towards it, for infinity.

I used to believe gifts were my prison. —> It really felt like a horrible experience to feel so deeply. It took over so much of my life to be so overwhelmed with emotion and suffering. Now I see that the gifts weren’t the issue, I just needed to master them so that the power would be used appropriately.

I used to believe I was weak and defenseless. —> Healing is the most powerful protection you can give yourself. If I have a traumatic memory that burned through my brain and created a behavioral pattern that tricked me into sacrificing my energy for others, stay stuck, or keep weak boundaries to make others happy all because I wasn’t worth it, then no amount of Sage, Palo Santo, jewelry and crystals will save me. The most powerful thing anyone can do in that situation is heal that wound. Know your power and then you are simply protected from the reprogramming of that limiting belief that makes space for psychic and spiritual attacks.

I never loved the idea of overriding healing, or “fake it until you make it.” —> It’s been a popular theme in the spiritual community to simply use a mantra, spell, or wish for change. That just never made sense to me. As much as I tried to “wish” for things, they never came. Yet, when I healed the reasons I didn’t think I was worthy of receiving, things flooded to me. There is no tricking your energy into changing its programming. You may temporarily feel better from the positive charge of beautiful mantras, but in order to create long lasting affects, you will need to clear the trauma that created the self-limiting belief. There has never been any lack on Earth. The only thing that blocks us is our inability to receive which is usually created by some kind of wound.

We are supposed to grow. Don’t be ashamed of where you were, or currently are. Change in mindset is evidence that you are evolving!

Copyright Protected Jessenia Nozzolillo 2022

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