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Updated: Jun 22, 2020

Soul Group Facts

•Starseed is not a soul group. It means of the stars. MOST Souls currently incarnated on Earth are actually of the stars!

•Crystal child is not a soul group. It is a wave of awakened beings coming in during specific times to push people into awakening. Like teachers delivering information and codes. Not a group, a job or mission.

•You are likely not Pleiadian. Pleiadian’s are actually very strict serious souls. They are planners. They very rarely incarnate. Most people think they are Pleiadian because they take direction from Pleiadian’s who are protecting Earth.

•Nihals are NOT Indigos. Nihals are a rebellious beehive of souls that TOOK ON Indigo souls knowing how important it was to make them comfortable here on Earth. So many Indigos have Nihal parents or caregivers.

•You are likely not Indigo, unless you suffer some of the following. Heightened sensitivity to noise light sound touch taste. So heightened that you find it very difficult or impossible to function in daily life.

•Rainbow Gateway is NOT a soul group. It’s a galactic bridge (or portal) to another galaxy. So it means you are not of this galaxy. That is also common.

• Angels incarnate. They are the largest soul group currently incarnated on Earth. Because they have mastered and merged their whole galaxy of origins into one soul group cluster we see as Angelics.

How do I know? I work with Akashic Records. They are the soul encyclopedia and my literal soul level job is to chart and map all soul groups and their origins. That cannot be trained. There is no certification that will help you see that. You have to have the information already in your souls database. Most people can only acsess information of their own soul origins because that’s where their expertise lies. Just like someone who never left the USA may have a hard time explaining the cultural difference in Taiwan. You see everything through your personal perception or database. To get to know your soul, check out the Akashic Reports. @_jessenia_n @soul_architect_jessenia #soulgroup #soul #starseed #akashicrecords #palladian #indigo #crystalchildren #rainbow #rainbowbridge #soulrecords

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