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Spiritual Hygiene & Gift Evolution

by Jessenia Nozzolillo

When I go into clients’ Akashic records I am allowed to view their lives and experiences in many different ways. The scope in which we can review anything is based in our specific subconscious database of collective soul level experiences and human experience. Meaning, what I have learned at soul level trickles through the connections to help me better support and understand my clients.

Who reads you matters.

If a reader hasn't managed their own trauma or issues, they won’t have the tools to view yours in a scope that is supportive of healing. If they have an unhealthy relationship with love, they will interject that into your session and relationships naturally. If a reader has bad spiritual hygiene, that will also affect your energy. Additionally, if they have poor boundaries, that’s a sign they have poor spiritual hygiene and gift control.

Does it mean they are terrible readers? Absolutely not. We need to start somewhere, and the idea is we get stronger and stronger in time. But this is important to understand when receiving messages because the message could be tainted by the vessel that delivered the message.

Also, some gifts read what the client is thinking — not what is probable. Those are two completely different things. If you don’t know what gifts you have as a reader, you might confuse thoughts with premonitions or future visions! That can be very confusing as a client because you could be misled by your emotions and desires vs. reality.

We all have different specialties and ways we digest information in sessions. One of the ways I explain this is if we have a piece of art, a chef might interpret the art differently than a pilot. Both will see the art through their own expertise. So, the same reading may be interpreted very differently according to your reader.

It doesn't matter how much we ask Spirit for “clarity”; clarity is mastered through hygienic practice and education. It's a muscle that is strengthened, and our messages and gifts continue to improve when we do the work. I was just sitting here realizing I was channeling neuroscience in sessions confirmed now by a doctor! And those messages are still developing, leading me into untapped theories about the potential of the human mind.

I find it pretty fascinating to see all of the amazing ways we can tap into this powerful experience, but also see why there is so much inaccuracy and misinformation out there. It takes a lot to master the gift, never mind the scope in which we interpret the messages. There are SO MANY GIFTS, and they are so powerfully unique. Understanding them is the first step to using them in powerful ways.

copyright protected Jessenia Nozzolillo, 2022

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