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Spiritual Database

There are many kinds of databases.

Personal database and the subconscious mind-

A person can access their own database through their subconscious mind. We have access to all our lives. Trauma, fear, guilt, and phobia can keep some of the lives repressed. Just like here in the physical, we may repress and hide a memory we don’t have the tools to manage.

Ancestral Database- Some Families will keep their ancestral database close and allow all family members access to the data. This is common for witches and shaman gift structures as they are literally passing down physical knowledge and experience. Spells. Energy work.

Soul Group Database- your soul group architect will have the data of its origins, and all the souls inside of it or its “soul group.” This is how I read souls' origins and birth.

Lemurian Database- I’m sure there are many of these in existence. Although not as developed and protected as the Akashic Realm, they have begun collecting information from local so groups and experiences during their existence. A pretty hefty database. 

Akashic Database- The birth, merger, de-cension, ascension, shifts, and history of any and every soul group. The information of every incarnation. All universal law. History of energy. Infinite database. Highly protected and not accessible to humans. Some people actually connect to guides or “librarians” of the Akashic library to retrieve information. But the information is too vast and powerful for physical intrusion as even a negative thought would alter the energy of the records.


✨Soul Architect Jessenia✨

copyright Protected 2020 Jessenia Nozzolillo

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