Spirit Guides

Have you had your spirit guide report? Akashic report 3a.

Here are some fun informational pointers about spirit guides! Spirit guides are a part of our spirit team anchored to us on this side of the veil. Completing our spirit team are spirit animals, animals that represent our body, energy and mind. This doesn’t usually change from life to life but one might “upgrade”. Totem animals are reflective animals for a temporary shift, like a deer crossing your path may be visiting as a totem for to bring peace during a difficult shift. Then we have weavers. Level one weavers are usually managed by the first in command spirit guide and the master weaver, a spirit guide we have. The master in command works directly with the weaver to send messages to the rest of the weavers. Weavers weave the reality of your decisions. They work on the other side of the veil. Most adults have 12-15 weavers in total.

Our guides work through us. They are a part of our subconscious conversations, brainstorming and energy. They are part of our character, charm, and even spiritual gifts. By working through us they allow us to pick up aspects of their character as our own. Many of our guides have been contracted with us for many, many lifetimes. Some even being part of our soul family and incarnating directly with us. Some guides are more temporary then others. A gift guide will only become active when it’s time to work on mastering a gift. A first in command usually stays active the whole lifetime.

Our guides are all contracted to us before incarnation here on Earth. Some have “placeholders” until they are activated for use. We do not activate guides that we are not currently using. We usually have one that has been with us through birth, and then sometimes we have guides for shifts in our life and some to help us master gifts. Sometimes our guides are past life versions of ourselves who have mastered a particular gift - here to remind us about what we already learned. I use the term masculine and feminine to explain what we would consider here on Earth as masculine or male, Feminine or female. Spirits don’t actually have genitals. What we are talking about is their personality and what aspects they represent in their behavior or energy which can reflect in their appearance.

Connecting to your guides is the same as connecting to spirit. The more you heal, repair, practice, the clearer the connection. If you are still having a hard time connecting and recognizing them I recommend more healing; Akashic Report 2 again or Past Life Journeying. Gift training is also helpful; Akashic Report 5. This is why “MEET YOUR GUIDES” is Akashic report 3a. We do it last so that you have time to heal and activate whatever guides necessary for proper gift use before meeting your spirit guides.

Spirit guides are anchored to us on this side of the vail. They cannot anchor to Earth directly. Their job is to work through us to train new behavior and gifts. Because they are working through us and anchored to us we can hear them internally and frequently confuse their voice with our own thoughts and inner voice. This is what people sometimes confuse with telepathy. They are more like our “inner consciousness”. Telepathy as a gift is more expansive and functions very differently. This is also why we usually have one master guide or “First in Command”. First in command is responsible for communication and direction to the other guides and direct communication to you. This set up keeps our “inner chatter” from become overwhelming and distracting to our lives.

Guides and names: guides are celestial beings or spirit. Much like your higher-self. Their language doesn’t always allow for direct translation. Many times their actual names are an energetic signature that we cannot verbalize here in human form. In that case, they will either state an appropriate human name that is “close enough”, or they will say, “un-named,” and you can call them what you wish. They are not offended by this as they know we cannot verbalize their energetic signature.

Guides usually pick an image that suits their job with you. A records keeper may look like a librarian, a protector may look like a warrior. They do this because it will be easier to recognize their jobs with us if they also look the part. But this isn’t always a reflection of what their soul group looks like.