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Spirit Guides

Have you had your spirit guide report? Akashic report 3a.

Here are some fun informational pointers about spirit guides! Spirit guides are a part of our spirit team anchored to us on this side of the veil. Completing our spirit team are spirit animals, animals that represent our body, energy and mind. This doesn’t usually change from life to life but one might “upgrade”. Totem animals are reflective animals for a temporary shift, like a deer crossing your path may be visiting as a totem for to bring peace during a difficult shift. Then we have weavers. Level one weavers are usually managed by the first in command spirit guide and the master weaver, a spirit guide we have. The master in command works directly with the weaver to send messages to the rest of the weavers. Weavers weave the reality of your decisions. They work on the other side of the veil. Most adults have 12-15 weavers in total.

Our guides work through us. They are a part of our subconscious conversations, brainstorming and energy. They are part of our character, charm, and even spiritual gifts. By working through us they allow us to pick up aspects of their character as our own. Many of our guides have been contracted with us for many, many lifetimes. Some even being part of our soul family and incarnating directly with us. Some guides are more temporary then others. A gift guide will only become active when it’s time to work on mastering a gift. A first in command usually stays active the whole lifetime.

Our guides are all contracted to us before incarnation here on Earth. Some have “placeholders” until they are activated for use. We do not activate guides that we are not currently using. We usually have one that has been with us through birth, and then sometimes we have guides for shifts in our life and some to help us master gifts. Sometimes our guides are past life versions of ourselves who have mastered a particular gift - here to remind us about what we already learned. I use the term masculine and feminine to explain what we would consider here on Earth as masculine or male, Feminine or female. Spirits don’t actually have genitals. What we are talking about is their personality and what aspects they represent in their behavior or energy which can reflect in their appearance.

Connecting to your guides is the same as connecting to spirit. The more you heal, repair, practice, the clearer the connection. If you are still having a hard time connecting and recognizing them I recommend more healing; Akashic Report 2 again or Past Life Journeying. Gift training is also helpful; Akashic Report 5. This is why “MEET YOUR GUIDES” is Akashic report 3a. We do it last so that you have time to heal and activate whatever guides necessary for proper gift use before meeting your spirit guides.

Spirit guides are anchored to us on this side of the vail. They cannot anchor to Earth directly. Their job is to work through us to train new behavior and gifts. Because they are working through us and anchored to us we can hear them internally and frequently confuse their voice with our own thoughts and inner voice. This is what people sometimes confuse with telepathy. They are more like our “inner consciousness”. Telepathy as a gift is more expansive and functions very differently. This is also why we usually have one master guide or “First in Command”. First in command is responsible for communication and direction to the other guides and direct communication to you. This set up keeps our “inner chatter” from become overwhelming and distracting to our lives.

Guides and names: guides are celestial beings or spirit. Much like your higher-self. Their language doesn’t always allow for direct translation. Many times their actual names are an energetic signature that we cannot verbalize here in human form. In that case, they will either state an appropriate human name that is “close enough”, or they will say, “un-named,” and you can call them what you wish. They are not offended by this as they know we cannot verbalize their energetic signature.

Guides usually pick an image that suits their job with you. A records keeper may look like a librarian, a protector may look like a warrior. They do this because it will be easier to recognize their jobs with us if they also look the part. But this isn’t always a reflection of what their soul group looks like.

Inactive guides are like sleeping guides. Sometimes we end up using or upgrading to the inactive guides in the future, or sometimes they are for busy, chaotic/stressful times one be future or play temporary specialty positions like a guide on vacation. We don’t talk much about the inactive guides because they are inactive, so it seems useless to know about something that is currently unavailable to us, so they don’t give me the information.

Their image usually represents their mission with you. Female to represent energetically female qualities such as nurturing, healing and creativity. Male to represent energetically masculine qualities such as business, external connections and finances. Souls don’t have genitals and we are all a combination of both the feminine and masculine energetically. The point in incarnation is to balance both polarities within us at soul level for completion. Not to use the terms as a form of limitation or judgment. Spirit can shift their image and representation as they please. They choose the form that they feel best represents their contracted mission with you, their client.

Most of our guides are chosen, contracted and connected to us before incarnating here on Earth. Their contract with us means they are disconnected from their soul group and families to prioritize their work as our council and guide team. They take their positions on our being and then wait until they are needed. Guides in waiting are considered “inactive”. They are in a sleep state waiting for activation. An active guide is working with its clients actively participating in their daily lives. Usually, guides activate as needed in order of commands.

First in command- first guide at birth. First in command is usually the master communicator. The guide that manages our life and decisions. Their main job is to communicate with the other guides when needed. Through birth and early childhood, their main priority is making sure we are safe and well taken care of. They can connect with other guides (connected to parents) to influence parents to better meet the child’s needs, if necessary. First in command have a strict rule book for behavior and expectations. They are supposed to manage what they can without interfering in the higher realms. Their job is assisting you with what you need so that you don’t have to call upon the higher realms for “simple things” that can be managed through a solid support system. They are suppose to be given “everything you might need to be successful” in this life during life planning and incarnation. So, they will try to do everything they can to implement those tools and connections before seeing assistance from the higher realms, to make sure they are doing their job properly. I note this because people assume that guides are constantly connecting to other realms and dimensions. That is not the case. First in command is usually the only one with that capability and would only do so in times of emergencies when all other support systems have been exhausted. First in command is our inner conscious and council. Your “inner voice”. They can sometimes repeat old self limiting beliefs or self destructive verbiage TO REMIND US it is rooted in our subconscious as trauma that needs uprooting, reprogramming and healing. Essentially it’s their way of saying “face this, we need to change this. This is priority. We cannot continue development with this sitting here.” We as humans don’t usually recognize this, and therefore feel like it is abusive self-talk. These words are words that can be directly associated with trauma in this life, and then eventually past lives. So it is something like “you aren’t good enough”. This SHOULD stop us in our tracks and say, “What trauma is associated with that tape, how do I heal the trauma, I had better reprogram that as soon as possible so I don’t let my trauma lead.” It is never dangerous to your physical health or something that will put you in physical danger, like “Jump in front of a train, kill yourself.” This is usually the influence of a low vibrational entity like a haunting or demonic entity.

Second in command: Activates around 5 years old. There are insistence where guides activate earlier or later depending on the child’s needs. For example, if a child is forced into independent living early on by inactive or distant parents, support guides would be called to activate a lot sooner to make sure the child is as safe as possible trying to give them the spiritual support they need. In a way they try to make up for the absent parents. This can also lead to earlier gift activations as the later guides bring that in. Second in command is usually responsible for interpersonal relationships, creative thinking and life planning. They report directly to first in command, but also work through us, in action like a puppeteer. For example, if a particular friendship or connection is needed for a major life goal they may “take over” our body to make that connection spiritually shoving us together. This might be a friend who’s parents will look out for you and take care of you when your parents are absent, or a connection to someone who will alert Child Services about neglect and therefor set you on a path for healing. The reason we don’t have all guides communicating directly with us at all times is to avoid the confusion and chaos that comes with that. We would not be able to hear or distinguish what each guide was saying if they all spoke at the same time. So if something goes wrong the guides will council between themselves and first in command communicates the decision that needs to come through into this physical reality, outside of the gift guides responsibilities and training. We can still find ways to ignore, misinterpret or blunder their assistance. It happens every day even in the most evolved of us.

Third in command: this guide usually fully activates around 14 years old when our gifts are open and need direction or support. They can act as spiritual protectors and gift trainers. Their main job is usually not a gift speciality but energy protection and defenses. They cannot stop all things. No guide, or spirit fragment is impermeable to ALL energy. Since energy is infinite, nothing is technically “absolute”. Simply a continuation of evolution, meaning someone will always be weaker and someone will always be stronger. That’s why proper gift use is so important. We don’t invite the toxins in the first place, we understand energy and how to protect ourselves as much as possible therefor avoiding the need for constant repair by simply not putting ourselves in danger.

Fourth guide: the fourth guide is our life planner or weaver. They activate around 20 when we are adults and responsible for our own choices and decisions. Before that, our parents make decisions based on what they believe is best including where we live, go to school and what we might do. In a case of neglect, abandonment or becoming orphaned, this guide can activate much earlier. They will weave the reality of our decisions, as decided through council of the guides, with permission from first in command. Your job is to walk the road after it’s been created, so action is still very important to manifesting the reality. The weaver is a connection that works with a team on the other side of the veil. All are “programming” guides that program the reality of your decisions. A human 0- 19 years of age may have some weavers on the other side working with the first in command for smaller projects and can activate the weaver in times of difficulty to shift the families lives for the better, or deactivate the weaver as needed for “rest”. Usually when I work with children I activate guides as needed, usually the first four, can be two or three to help implement changes into the child’s energy and keep everyone aware of the work and shifts taking place. Who I activate depends on why I’m working with the child.

Fifth+ guides: these guides are usually specific gift guides. They can be an additional program needed for gift development, for example a specific database like a spell book in spirit, or they can be an actual entity. Like a witch. They can also be past versions of us who have mastered the gift in previous lives coming through to remind us of what we learned in that life. They usually leave, or deactivate, when the lessons are learned. We usually activate one gift guide at a time to stay focused on the growth of one specific gift structure. But we can have multiple working to help us master one gift structure. For example, one elemental guide, one program “guide” and a gift guide all working together for the witch gift structure would make sense because it’s all the same gift and many fragments are needed for full mastery of the gift. This is also the position we may see deceased loved ones take “positions of guidance” within our guide structure to work our karmic debts snd guilts they carried over after death. This would have to be accepted by your higher-self and the deceased at soul level as appropriate and for the soul and body’s best interest. For example, if that person abused you in this life, you might still have a lot of trauma associated with them and their image and you may not want their help as their presence might trigger that pain and memory. Therefor, your higher-self would not agree that the connection was beneficial.

Remember this is a list based on common guide structures and patterns. There are many times where guides don’t fully fit into this particular pattern. For example, your first in command can be responsible for defenses AND communication which makes the secondary available for a speciality or something else. That also happens frequently.

To learn more about your spirit guides, check out Akashic report 3a.

copyright protected Jessenia Nozzolillo 2021

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